(Webinar) Helping Relationships “Interact” For Custodial Grand-Families (Option 1)

(Webinar) Helping Relationships “Interact” For Custodial Grand-Families (Option 1)

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Date(s) - Sunday, February 7, 2021
All Day


Do you have grandchildren in grades 3 – 6? We invite you to join our FREE workshop. You and your grandchildren will be given resources, support, and practical tips for life skills needed to create and discover rewarding relationships.

About the workshop:
This interactive online workshop includes short videos and group discussions. Participants will complete four virtual face-to-face sessions and six self-paced sessions. Participants will receive gift cards and a Chromebook™ upon completion of all live sessions.

This workshop offers custodial parents/grandparents and foster/custodial children the opportunity to learn resources and practical tips for living a valued life through the implementation of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). The fully online workshop includes self-paced sessions, engaging videos, self-made homework, and group discussions. This course is designed to empower custodial/foster families to live a valued life that has meaning to them, and that they feel invested in.

  1. The program will target the development of emotional regulation of both foster parents/grandparents and foster children to help them to deal and manage challenging thoughts and behaviors.
  2. Another objective of the program is to improve self-efficacy in life skills (i.e., decision making and problem solving).
  3. Finally, the program is designed to help participants to lead a value-oriented life, which often improves interpersonal and family relationships.

One of the most frequent reasons custodial grandchildren or foster children are under the care of foster parents or foster grandparents is the substance abuse of the birth parents. Due to early adversity foster children have experienced, most foster children are at risk for behavioral health difficulties that may pose a heavy burden on community resources. Importantly, these children are underserved with access to a disproportionate lower amount of societal resources. Thus, foster parents/grandparents are in need of support to be a good parent and guardian for this population. To address this key question, we focus on the modifiability of emotional regulation and behavior with an evidence-based ACT program designed to strengthen emotional competence and behavioral health for both youth and their foster parents/grandparents. By participating in this training, foster parents/grandparents will be able to learn to live a value-focused life, and develop action plans to lead a value-oriented life. Participants will gain a new understanding of the importance of self-compassion, mindful exercise, and regulating difficult emotions and behaviors. With several assignments and challenge exercises, participants will also learn new approaches and specific tools for managing behaviors.

This project is funded by National Institute of Food and Agriculture (Grant # 12845505)

This training has been approved for 10 hours of foster parent training credit (4 for virtual face-to-face sessions and 6 for self-paced study). NOTE: Only the grandparent trainings are approved for credit hours.

Instructor: ISU Extension and Outreach Staff

To register or ask questions, please contact Jeong Eun Lee (JEL) at CYFAR@iastate.edu or 515.294.1884.

This training includes multiple dates for both grandparents and grandchildren. Upon registration, you can select which time of day you would like to attend your trainings. *If these dates do not work for you family, an alternative schedule is offered in the Option 2 training on this calendar.*

Grandparent Training Dates
Feb. 8
Feb. 15
March 1
March 22
*Choose from 1 – 2 p.m. or 7 – 8 p.m.

Grandchildren Training Dates
Feb. 7
Feb. 21
March 7
March 21
*All trainings are from 4 – 5 p.m.

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