Peer Reviewers

What do Peer Reviewers do?

These individuals commit time and energy to
ensure that each program seeking credential meets and adheres to the Iowa family support standards by conducting in depth reviews of both policy and practice. This is done with programs across the state of Iowa during review sessions lasting from two to five days.

Who are the Iowa Family Support Credential Peer Reviewers?

The IFSC Peer Reviewers are a group of 17 professionals, 11 lead peer reviewers and six co-peer reviewers, that live and work across the state of Iowa.  Many are coordinators and supervisors of family support programs while others works with families in school districts and across the education spectrum.  Peer reviewers have a bachelor’s degree or higher in social work, human services, education or health related field.They also successfully complete the Iowa Family Support peer reviewer training. Peer reviewers have at least one of the following areas of experience:

  •  At least three years experience managing or supervising a
    family support program
  • At least five years experience as a direct service worker in a family support program
  • At least three years experience statewide family support system level
  • At least three years experience as a family support trainer
  • At least three years experience as an educator at the college level in a human service related field