Age: 12

Twelve-year-old Andrew B. loves staying busy – whether it’s playing sports outside when the weather is nice, or staying in and playing video games.

Adults in his life say he is happy and can be easy to get along with, and he likes eating and trying new foods. He loves being helpful and feeling like he is a part of what you are doing, so he will thrive with a family that can get him involved in activities around the home.

Andrew would like to live in a home where he can either be the only child or the youngest child. He needs a family that is patient, attentive, and can provide a consistent structure and calm environment for him.

The perfect family for Andrew will be able to help him with his homework after school, stand beside him even on the tough days, and help him build a bright future for himself. Would your home be the perfect fit for Andrew? Please contact us today!

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