Age: 15

Fifteen-year-old Benjamin loves staying active, especially through boxing, basketball, and skateboarding. He is continuing to improve in school and he excels at anything sports-related. Benjamin doesn’t like feeling bored, so you can usually find him spending his free time reading books or playing video games and Pokémon.

He wants his forever family to know that he is “awesome,” and he can’t wait to meet you. The perfect family for Benjamin will be open to having get-togethers or going on trips. He needs a family that can keep him connected to his siblings and previous foster parent, and he would thrive best in a home that can help him stick to a structure and provide consistency.

Benjamin would be open to living in a home with one or two parents, with or without other siblings. He would like to live in a home with a family that either isn’t religious or with a family that would allow him to not participate in religious activities. Benjamin needs a forever family that can build trust and provide a caring, happy home. Would your family be the perfect fit? Reach out today!

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