Age: 15

Fifteen-year-old Corey dreams of sitting down at the dining room table to share a family dinner with you. He is ready to meet his forever family, and he can’t wait to travel, go to the park, or see a movie with you.

In his free time, Corey likes playing video games, building with Legos, or watching TV and movies. He is also a big fan of anything related to Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Dragon Ball Z, or Naruto. He has started woodworking as a hobby and would love to continue (with your supervision). Corey is creative and passionate about the things he enjoys, and he is smart and loves learning new things. He likes school and is doing great on his IEP, and the perfect family for him will be willing to sit down with him after school and help with his math homework. Corey is a good swimmer, and he excels at drawing, making Lego creations, and making animal noises. He also wants you to know he loves dogs and hedgehogs.

Corey’s forever family will need to help him keep in touch with his grandmother. He would like to live in a home with a mom and dad, where he can be the oldest child. If the home has other children, he would prefer to have brothers, but would also be OK with having sisters. He would feel most comfortable in a home where he does not have to attend church. The perfect family for Corey will be patient and provide a calm, caring home where he can have his personal space when he needs it.

Does this sound like your family? If you’re interested in meeting Corey, reach out today!

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