Location: Urbandale

Emily and her family are ready to welcome an individual into their home and help them achieve their goals.

She has about 18 years of experience working with individuals with disabilities, and she is passionate about helping them live a life of independence. She lives with her spouse and teenage daughter. Her average day consists of getting ready in the morning, taking her daughter to school, running errands and attending any appointments, then preparing a meal at home and spending the evening with her family.

Her home includes three floors, five bedrooms, two bathrooms, and two living areas, and it is close to many restaurants, shops, and attractions. Emily is able to welcome an individual into her home of any gender, though her home is non-smoking.

In her free time, Emily loves cooking, singing, dancing, watching sports, and going sightseeing. Her family attends church on Sundays, and they enjoy family traditions like going to church on Christmas Day, putting up the Christmas tree together, and watching soccer. Does Emily’s home sound like the perfect fit for you or someone you know? Contact us today by calling 515.238.3085 or emailing HostHome@LSIowa.org.

A message from Emily to her Host Homes mentee: “I would like to live with someone who is polite, someone who can adapt to change, and who is an outgoing person.”

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