Age: 13

Thirteen-year-old Jayden is creative, funny, caring, and likes to stay active. He loves spending one-on-one time with the people he cares about, especially if it can involve cooking or preparing snacks together.

Adults in his life say Jayden is polite and respectful, and he’s so thoughtful that he can remember small details about people and their likes or dislikes. In his free time, you can usually find Jayden playing with Legos, diamond art, phones, or tablets. He loves video games, dogs, anime TV shows, football, soccer, skiing, and making food.

Jayden will thrive in a family that is honest and communicative with him, and consistency is key. He likes being able to depend on a reliable schedule. The perfect forever family for Jayden will be calm and patient as he transitions into his new home.

Jayden dreams of spending time in the kitchen with a family who will care for him unconditionally. Does your home sound like the perfect fit for Jayden? Contact us today!

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