Age: 11

Eleven-year-old Jayden is creative, funny, and caring, with a big imagination. He loves nothing more than playing make-believe, and he dreams of having a family who will play with him.

Adults in his life say Jayden is empathetic, adorable, and someone who always wants love and hugs. In his free time, you can also usually find Jayden playing with Legos (he loves hands-on activities), coloring, or being outside. Jayden is doing great on his IEP and he wants a parent who can help him with his reading, writing, and math.

Jayden will thrive in a home where he can either be the only child or the youngest child. He needs a family who can also help him maintain important relationships with other family members. The perfect forever family for Jayden will be calm, consistent, and patient as he transitions into his new home. He wants you to know he can’t wait to play video games, do puzzles, and listen to music with you.

Jayden dreams of having a family who can sit at the kitchen table and help him with his homework. Does your home sound like the perfect fit for Jayden? Please contact us today!

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