Location: Urbandale

Joyce is passionate about helping others, and she enjoys having the ability to provide one-on-one care, encouragement, and support from the convenience of her home. She has a degree in early childhood education, and she has past experience working as a manager for a group home. She has more than 10 years of experience in the healthcare and home care field, serving individuals with a range of disabilities and mental illnesses.

Joyce is able to open her home to a female mentee. She requests that her house remain non-smoking, though her mentee is able to step outside of the house if they need to smoke. Her home will require a mentee who is able to bear weight and walk on their own. Joyce’s family lives in a quiet neighborhood near a library, clinic, fire station, gas station, and park.

Her usual routine involves morning prayer and sharing breakfast as a family, then moving on to morning hygiene and cleaning the house a little before going out for the day, if weather permits. She also enjoys spending time as a family in the evening. In her free time, Joyce likes going on outings, picnics, outdoor activities, singing and dancing, going to church, going to the movies, shopping, and cooking. Are you or someone you know interested in meeting Joyce? Contact us today by calling 515.238.3085 or emailing HostHome@LSIowa.org.

A message from Joyce to her Host Homes mentee: “Welcome to our family. We pray that you love it here. You are free to express yourself in a respectful and healthy way. Share your concerns and ideas, we will figure it out together. Let’s make this journey and adventure fun and grow in all possible ways. We love you.”

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