Age: 16

Lucas is a kind-hearted 16-year-old, and adults in his life say he has a vibrant personality and is “always cracking jokes.”

He loves staying active and working with his hands, and Lucas is particularly passionate about old cars. He would love the opportunity to work on cars and install car audio. He also is interested in getting into weightlifting. Lucas is excellent at taking direction and thrives in settings with positive adult role models.

Lucas likes being around other children, but needs to live in a home with older brothers or where he is the only child. He would like a two-parent home – including one male parent – of any sexual orientation. He also wants a family that can help him stay connected to his loved ones.

Lucas says he wants a calm, patient family with parents who can give him space when he needs it but will also get to know him. He dreams of going to college and would thrive with a family who can help him prepare for living on his own. He wants you to know he will never turn down a family outing to the movies, a football game, or eating out at a restaurant.

Lucas wants a home with parents who can help him with his homework at the end of the day. Could you be the perfect family for Lucas? Reach out today!

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