Age: 12

Twelve-year-old Nicole is a pro at knitting and crocheting, and she will never turn down a DIY or crafting project. She is full of energy, smart, funny, and caring, and she wants you to know she would love a forever home with a trampoline in the backyard. She enjoys volleyball, baseball, and skateboarding, and she likes spending her time outdoors. She recently learned to hunt with her foster family and she would like to continue doing that with you.

Nicole loves animals (her favorites are koalas, sugar gliders, and bunnies), and she would like to live in a home where she can have a dog and other animals. She is doing great in school, especially in math, music, and art. She wants a family who will help her with her reading, engineering, and Spanish homework.

Nicole needs a forever family who will help her stay connected to her siblings. She would be open to living with a parent or parents of any sexual orientation, with or without other children in the home. She would, however, thrive most in a home with a small family able to spend one-on-one time with her.

The perfect family for Nicole will be able to help her overcome past trauma and be patient as she adjusts to her forever home. She wants a family who will accept her for the awesome kid she is, who will help her explore and learn about her racial identity in the future, and who will have her back through thick and thin. Nicole wants you to know she is ready to hang out, play board games, and watch movies with you. Are you ready to welcome Nicole into your heart and home? Contact us today!

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