Age: 11

You can usually find Parker, 11, curled up reading a book. He likes spending his free time doing activities that he can usually do alone – he wants you to know he’s not a huge sports fan but he wouldn’t turn down jumping on a big trampoline in the backyard. He also recently completed swimming lessons and would enjoy going to the pool in the summer. Parker is very organized and he is doing great in school on his IEP, especially in his reading classes.

Parker would be open to living in a family with one or two parents, with or without other siblings. No matter what his forever family looks like, he thrives most in an environment where he can have a structured routine. He would appreciate a family that can let him have space to be by himself when he wants, but also be ready to talk when he needs to.

The perfect family for Parker will be patient and accepting of him as he adjusts and begins to feel comfortable in his new home. He says he wants a family that will treat him just like any other kid his age. Parker dreams of having an active family, and he’s ready to jump into your family’s activities and traditions. Are you ready to meet Parker? Contact us today!

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