Age: 14

You can usually find 14-year-old Talyn playing baseball or football, going to church, or spending time outdoors. Adults in his life say he can be shy at times but once he is comfortable, he shines and is open, outgoing, affectionate, and funny.

Talyn is very bright in school, and he is looking for a family that will encourage him to do his best and help him with homework at the end of the day. He needs to live in a forever home that can also welcome his sister, Sophia, and he would thrive most in a home that can keep him connected to his church community.

Talyn would be open to living in either a home with more children or a home where he and Sophia can be the only children. He loves being on the go, so he dreams of having a family who can stay active and go on adventures together. Talyn wants a home where he feels like he belongs and where he is accepted for who he is. Could your family be the perfect home for Talyn and Sophia? Reach out today!

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