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28 May 2020| Spirit of LSI
Thank You for Supporting LSI Staff During COVID-19!

We are so grateful to our community partners who have generously provided our frontline staff with face masks during this difficult time. As of our latest count, communities across Iowa have donated more than 2,496 masks or face shields to LSI. Thank you to... Susan Bauer Carol Bowers Arleen Burkhardt Jane Campbell Cindy Carlson Trisha...

20 May 2020| Refugee Community Services
“LSI makes me feel like I’m home”

When Kiza and her family came to the U.S. from a Tanzanian refugee camp, she knew what she wanted in her future: she wanted to become a U.S. citizen. After being born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kiza and her family were forced to flee their home country after war broke out, and...

If you have a loving home, you can foster. You know it will be hard when the kids go home. But the reward is being able to help their families.

05 May 2020| Foster Care and Adoption
Taking the First Step into Fostering

Jacob and Kaitlin both knew they wanted to become foster and adoptive parents before they even met. But after they got married, their lives became busy and the couple felt like they never had time to get started. When a family member was in need of foster care for their children, Jacob and Kaitlin decided...

Foster parenting opens the window for you to maintain that relationship and watch them grow.

05 May 2020| Foster Care and Adoption
Fostering Relationships

Iowa mom Tina has been a foster and adoptive parent since 2008 and in that time, her family has adopted two children and fostered 47. Over the years, Tina has supported every child in her care, but she has also prioritized building positive relationships with a child’s birth family. She remembers one phone call from...

Compassion in Crisis: LSI on the Frontlines

COVID-19 has turned our lives upside-down. But nothing will stand in the way of our mission of hope and healing. As part of our Compassion in Crisis Campaign, we’re sharing five stories from our workers on the frontlines, who continue to make a difference in the lives of Iowa children and families. Our goal is...

20 April 2020| Services for People with Disabilities
Creating Her Community

Paulynn had a dream of what she wanted in life: Lots of friends, a job she loved, a healthy lifestyle, and a sense of community. But it was difficult for Paulynn to leave the apartment she shared with her dad, Lee. Though Lee had dedicated his life to serving as his daughter’s primary caregiver, they...

20 April 2020| Refugee Community Services
Building a New Life

In his home country of Somalia, Ali was thriving. He had more than 20 years of experience as a dental lab technician, and he loved every second of his work. His big, bright smile and warm personality made him the perfect fit for the job. But political instability and war created turmoil in the country....

20 April 2020| Services for Children and Youth
Raising Healthy Families

As a child, Morgan had endured trauma no one should experience. Addiction, divorce, and difficult family relationships all surrounded Morgan in her childhood home and by the time she turned 18, she was living on her own. When she found out she was pregnant for the first time, Morgan was determined to never repeat the...

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