An Ode to Moms

By Anne Peters, LMFT

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! This blog serves as an ode to all moms – biological, foster, adoptive, fur baby, grieving, in-law, step, and anyone else who serves a mom role in one way or another. Thank you for what you do. Every. Single. Day. We are thinking of you as you try to juggle all the responsibilities that come along with being a mom during this stressful time. Let’s talk today about how we can support you and how you can support yourself when you are juggling work, parenting, and a worldwide pandemic (No wonder you are tired, right?).

Take a time out: For some, this pandemic has taken away the option of daycare, babysitters, and dropping the kids off with grandparents for some much-needed recharge. It’s OK to feel like you need a time out yourself. Sometimes, we have to put it in survival mode and do what we can. This is a mental health professional telling you it’s OK to put on a kid-friendly movie so you can get some much-needed “me time!” My recommendation: Disney/Pixar’s Onward. It’s such a good movie and I love the message it sends.

Do something for you: If I were to ask you right now who you have done something for today, I wonder if you would have yet made that list. Carve some time out today to really do something for you. If you’re caring for children in your home, use nap time, movie time, or quiet play time to do something for yourself. Maybe it’s simply to sit, get a cup of tea, and breathe. Maybe it’s to call a friend and catch up. Maybe it’s to run a bubble bath. Whatever works for you – you deserve it.

Ask for help: If you have others in your household, whether it’s a partner, roommate, family member, or children, ask for help. You’re wearing at least seven responsibility caps right now. It would be completely appropriate to ask for a little help. This is a great time to teach children how much goes into running a household! It may be eye opening for them to see the laundry actually does not wash itself.

Offer yourself grace: No one was prepared to deal with a worldwide pandemic. There’s no right way to do it. If you’re noticing your home is a little messier or dishes take a little longer to be cleaned, it’s OK. You are doing what you can with what you have in a situation that is unprecedented. Notice that you have kept your family safe and have handled some really hard things together. That can be enough!

Thank you, moms, for all you do. We are lucky to have you. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by everything going on, please reach out to LSI and our clinical staff. We are ready and willing to see you via telehealth for therapy, and you can stay in the comfort of your own home.

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