LSI Staff Spotlight: Claudia Kyalangalilwa

Claudia Kyalangalilwa has been LSI’s Refugee Connection Center Supervisor in Des Moines for one year.

What inspired you to start working at LSI?
I have been working with the refugee community for a while, specifically with refugee resettlement. Although I found my work very fulfilling, I wanted to be involved with work that moved beyond the first three months of a family’s life in the United States. I’m very passionate about creating opportunities for individuals to be successful.

What has been your favorite part of working here?
The everyday interaction with individuals from the community. There is a wealth of barriers that the refugee community has to face and sometimes, it takes a 30-minute conversation at the front desk, where I work, to overcome a small obstacle. Nevertheless, these interactions never lack gracious moments, laughter, and genuine connection. It keeps not only me, but my entire team, moving forward.

Claudia’s myLSI WHY statement: To inform and empower others, affording them access to the resources necessary to create sustainable and fulfilling lives.

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