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Every Iowan deserves the independence they need to thrive. Host Homes is an innovative way LSI is serving adults with disabilities. Through this program, an individual moves from Supported Community Living into a private family home with a carefully selected mentor. This program is built entirely around an individual’s goals and interests, and LSI’s extensive matching process ensures the mentor and mentee are a great fit. 


• Individuals live in a family setting and with a natural support system
• Building positive, lasting relationships with a mentor instead of a staff member
• Better connections to their communities


Individuals must be 18 or older to enter this program

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Crystal Larson, Statewide Manager of Host Home Services

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“Host Homes has helped in every way. Our mentor is caring, she’s loving, she’s patient, and she’s getting my daughter engaged in art classes and hobbies she loves. I have a happier child now.”

An Iowa dad whose daughter uses Host Homes

“Host Homes is, most importantly, a way for an individual to express themselves. Host Homes has allowed my mentee and I to find each other, and it’s the best kind of bond: friendship.”

A Host Homes mentor


– Earn an income while working from home.

– Make an impact and see growth in the life of a mentee.

– Develop companionship with a mentee.

– Host Homes is a unique opportunity for Iowans to gravitate towards caregiving roles.

– We focus on making the right match in order for your home to be successful.

– We provide consistent and transparent communication and expectations.

– Individuals live in a family setting and with a natural support system that provides personalized care, advocates for them, and supports them.

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Already on a waiver LSI accepts? Contact your case manager or care provider to discuss LSI!


Are you new to the process? Contact your local Department of Human Services office to get started. They can help you find a case manager or care coordinator, apply for a waiver, and refer you to LSI for services.

Referral Sources

Refer today at


Download and complete this form and provide a social history, current plan, and assessment with your referral.


Email your completed form to! Upon receipt of your referral, an LSI supervisor will contact you with more information about next steps.



Who can be a Host Homes mentor?

Mentors must be 21 years of age, have a private bedroom available for the mentee, be able to pass our screening process, and have flexibility, creativity, and a passion for making a difference in the world.

What is the screening process?

Each mentor must complete an in-depth screening process that includes background checks of the potential provider, as well as all other people who reside in the home who are over age 18, a three-part interview, a home safety check, and reference checks.

Can I have children or pets in my home?

Mentors may have children, and you must list their names and ages on your application. Please specify on your application what kind of pets you have. It is possible this can affect the options for placements into your home.

How often are Host Homes mentors paid?

Mentors are paid a monthly stipend. This stipend is based on a percentage of the daily rate that we receive from the state of Iowa.

Who pays for an individual’s clothes, medication, groceries, and needs?

Each person receives a small amount of money each month to meet their personal needs, and there are limits to what can be purchased with these funds. Some items must be purchased by the mentor and are considered a cost of doing business as an independent contractor. A financial agreement between the mentor and the individual is made before placement.

How many individuals can I have in my home?

We believe one mentee in each mentor’s home is the best scenario, however, there are occasions where two mentees would be appropriate.

What training is required?

Several standard trainings, such as Mandatory Reporting and first aid training, must be completed before you can be matched with a mentee in your home. There may be additional training requirements based on the needs of the individual in your care. Each year, you will be required to keep your trainings up-to-date before renewing your contract.

Can I have a job outside of my mentor responsibilities?

This will be based on the needs of the individual in your care. Most of the people we serve will need supervision for most of the day – requiring assistance with daily living skills like cooking a meal, socializing, transportation, budgeting, and hygiene – but needs will vary.

Can I contact someone at LSI if I have an emergency after hours?

LSI has 24-hour support for emergency situations. You will be provided with the emergency contact information at the time of your placement.


What is the difference between Host Homes and Daily Supported Community Living?

While most individuals in Daily have a dedicated team of LSI staff ready to support them every day, Host Homes mentees receive one-on-one care from the same mentor every day. Instead of living in the community, often with roommates, mentees live in the mentor’s private family home.

Do I work on the same goals in both programs?

Host Homes mentees get to set their own goals for what they want to achieve! If you want to continue working on the goals you set while in Daily, you and your mentor can focus on those, or set new ones. If at any point you decide to focus on a new goal, just let your mentor or LSI team know.

How does the process of meeting a mentor work?

LSI takes time to match you with a mentor that is the perfect fit for you. Before moving in with a mentor, you have several chances to meet a potential mentor and get to know them, ask questions, and visit their home to make sure it meets your needs.

How often do I get to meet with LSI?

A member of the LSI Host Homes team will be in the home at least monthly. The purpose of this is to check in and see how things are going, as well as address any concerns that may have come up. Members of the LSI Host Homes team will also be in attendance at any IDT meetings that come up.

What happens if my mentor cannot support me anymore?

If you feel that your Host Homes experience is not meeting your needs, please contact your LSI team. We’ll work to find a new home and mentor, or a new program that will be a better fit.

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