Team Culture


While we have offices across the state, we are one LSI family. When you join LSI’s mission of hope and healing, you will be welcomed into a team of more than 1,000 professionals working together to lift up Iowa children and families.




Making a difference in the lives of the people we serve. There’s nothing like seeing clients find the independence and confidence they need to thrive.


You have a team of coworkers ready to lend a hand or a listening ear!


LSI is a family-friendly workplace with flexible scheduling. Whether you are juggling school or a child’s soccer practice, we can help you create a work schedule that is the best fit for you.


We want to see our team members continue to learn and succeed! That’s why we provide pathways for you to grow your career with LSI.


If you experience an accident or family emergency, the last thing you should worry about is your work schedule. LSI provides a generous PTO package, so you can take time to care for yourself and your loved ones.

“Everyone who works for LSI, everyone who volunteers, and everyone who supports us, we are all teammates. And together, we can do amazing things.”

Heather, LSI Early Childhood Team

“I answered a call to follow the Lord and to serve others.” 

John, LSI President and CEO

“I work at LSI to transform good intentions into meaningful and sustainable impact that will ultimately lead to a more equitable society.”

Jamie, LSI Capacity Development Team

“Because helping people gives me the warm fuzzies.”

Nathan, LSI Services for People with Disabilities Team



Together we are stronger. We can achieve greater impact by supporting, celebrating, and trusting each other and our community.


Every person is a unique gift of God, worthy of being treated with humility, empathy, and integrity.


We create a culture of continuous learning and innovation to uplift one another and those we serve.


We amplify the voices of those who are not heard, advocate for social justice, and encourage people to achieve greatness.

Why We Are Team LSI


As Team LSI, we all come to work with a personal mission. We call this our “WHY.” Every employee has a myWHY statement. These statements have the power to connect us with our colleagues and learn about what motivates each member of our LSI family.

“To be a catalyst for positive change, action, and radical kindness in our community.”

Bethany, LSI Executive Team

“To be a constant support, and understanding even when you think no one is in your corner.” 

Nicholas, LSI Services for People with Disabilities Team

To ignite parents’ confidence and empower them to be their child’s first and best teacher.”

Mallory, LSI Early Childhood Team

Learn more about LSI’s Commitment to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

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