Services for Children and Youth

At LSI, our goal is to build happy, healthy families. We empower children and parents through education, mental and behavioral healthcare, in-home support and training, and innovative collaborations with community partners.


Early Childhood

Becoming a new parent can be overwhelming. But LSI’s Early Childhood Services support parents of young children every step of the way.


Behavioral Health Intervention Services

LSI’s Behavioral Health Intervention Services collaborate with families of children with serious behavioral or emotional disorders to build skills like anger management and problem-solving.


Community Programs

LSI’s wide range of Community Programs support youth and families throughout the state. While our programs provide different services, they all share the same goal: meeting the specific needs of Iowa communities on a local level.



Our residential treatment center provides 24-hour mental health services to children and teens with severe emotional or behavioral disorders. Our trained staff members use trauma-informed care to give youth the tools they need to succeed.

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