Behavioral Health Intervention Services

Growing up can be difficult for any child. But struggling with a serious behavioral or emotional disorder can make it even more difficult to thrive. LSI’s Behavioral Health Intervention Services team wraps care around a child’s entire family to empower them with skills like anger management, healthy decision-making, and problem-solving.


  • Flexible appointment times
  • Family-focused sessions to provide parents with practical tips for handling a child’s behavioral disorder at home and in the community
  • Wraparound care connecting families with a variety of appropriate mental health resources
  • LSI therapists are available to meet in person or virtually through telehealth


Participants must receive Title 19 Medicaid to utilize these services and must have a severe emotional or behavioral disorder. Participants must also complete a mental health assessment before using services. Call 888.457.4692 to set up an assessment!

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Jaimee struggled to stay focused in school. He never wanted to get out of bed in the morning, and he often became frustrated. But his LSI Behavioral Health Intervention Services worker, Jose, is using games and songs to lift up Jaimee. Each week, Jose plays a new card or board game with Jaimee as a way to help him stay focused for longer periods of time. Meanwhile, Jaimee is learning new songs to help him stay calm in stressful situations. When it’s time to get up every morning, he sings a song to wake up and start the day.

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Melissa’s daughter, Brianna, acted out at home and Melissa felt she was losing control. She wanted to have a loving relationship and was afraid  of becoming the “stern parent.” Through LSI’s Behavioral Health Intervention Services, Brianna is finding the coping skills she needs to thrive, and Melissa is learning ways to positively reinforce her daughter as they build a stronger bond.

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Jonathan struggled to open up to any mental health experts. Once he began using Behavioral Health Intervention Services, Jonathan’s BHIS worker introduced him to LSI’s psychiatrist, Dr. Marvin Piburn, and Jonathan finally found a psychiatrist he was comfortable with. Dr. Piburn stays in close contact with Jonathan’s LSI team, ensuring he and his family receive the wraparound care they need in the clinic and at home.

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2828hours helping families build skills for anger management, healthy communication, and more in 2020
77counties have access to LSI’s Behavioral Health Intervention Services
3306behavioral health sessions with Iowa children and families in 2020
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