Children in foster care don’t fit one demographic

Children have been referred into foster care more than 600 times this year in western Iowa alone.

They enter foster care through no fault of their own, and there is no one specific reason why children enter care in the first place. Many children have experienced abuse or neglect. Some enter foster care when their primary caregiver experiences major health issues or dies unexpectedly. Others have parents who love them, but are not equipped to raise their children in a happy, healthy environment.

Regardless, children who enter foster care come from all walks of life. They come from all cultures and ethnicities; they can be toddlers or teenagers; they can be an only child or part of a sibling group.

No matter their background, one thing is certain: all children need a loving home.

Children may enter foster care for different reasons, but each child has experienced the trauma of being removed from their home. To help them cope during this difficult time in their lives, Iowa foster families do everything in their power to maintain a sense of normalcy. That means helping children stay connected to their friends, churches, schools, and activities. It might also mean becoming educated about their culture and learning about their favorite foods, music, or traditions.

In short, we need a wide range of families from all cultures, ethnicities, and walks of life to ensure the perfect foster home exists for each child, no matter who they are.

Western Iowa has an immediate need for more foster families to provide safe, temporary homes for children in need – and yours could be the perfect fit!

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