Curiosity and Wonder During Difficult Times

By Anne Peters, LMFT

We often praise our children for their curiosity, but what about ourselves? Let’s start by defining curiosity: asking questions, expressing interest, paying attention, and wondering. So often, we as adults can fall into the routine of what we already know and do not always stop to simply wonder. What if we do?

Perhaps one of the most important benefits of curiosity, especially in a time like this, is its ability to help us navigate change and the unknown with less anxiety and fear. So now that we know the benefit, how can we practice this? Read on!

Assume less and wonder more – Notice those moments you jump to a conclusion or make a snap judgment. Use these moments to invite your curiosity in and take a second to wonder.

Practice courage in the space of “not knowing” – It’s in this wonderful place of “not knowing” where new wisdom can emerge. Just notice when you are rushing to find answers and see if you can just sit in the unknown for a moment. This can bring waves of insight and trust when you least expect it.

Use curiosity to inspire and lead others – The best part about curiosity? It’s contagious!

Even Einstein himself encouraged us to “never lose a holy curiosity.” Especially in difficult times, I encourage you to simply take a moment to wonder. Be curious.

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