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Community Programs

Each year at LSI we’re lucky to receive funding for many community programs across the state. These programs provide different services and can change based on funding, but they all fulfill the same purpose – to meet a community need at the local level.

Many of these programs help provide services for youth who are at risk of entering the child welfare or juvenile justice system. If you have a child facing trouble, but are not in the child welfare system or do not have Medicaid insurance, sometimes it can be difficult to get help. LSI’s community programs fill the gap.

For example, we can help youth who are in trouble at school, help a youth avoid an out of home placement, help teens make healthy choices when it comes to relationships, provide short-term crisis intervention and many other services.

Since the availability of these programs can vary, we do not list each program online. Please contact your local LSI office to ask about community programs near you. Find an office.

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