John Twardos,
LSI President and CEO

Our Mission:
Lutheran Services in Iowa responds
to the love of Jesus Christ through
compassionate service.

Dear friend of LSI,

In 2021, we were faced with big questions. How have Iowans’ needs changed? How might Team LSI rise to the challenges? How can we use what we’ve learned and build something better?

In asking these questions, a theme has emerged: the importance of connections. In 2021, LSI launched or expanded programs and services that are keeping Iowans connected to what matters most.

Last year, LSI began welcoming Afghan evacuees to Iowa. We are there to greet them at the airport, then connect them with resettlement services and continued support, including English classes, employment navigation, wellness services, and more.

Our Host Homes program continues to grow. Through the program, Iowans with disabilities are matched with a mentor, then move into the mentor’s family home, where they receive the one-on-one support they need to thrive.

LSI Therapy Services are expanding to serve more people through virtual sessions. In a time when mental health care is more important than ever, Iowans in every county are able to connect to accessible therapy.

LSI’s Kinship Navigator program is a new way to support families in crisis. When children must be removed from their home, relatives or close family friends can serve as temporary guardians. With support from LSI, these caregivers help kids through a traumatic experience by keeping them connected to their community until they are able to return home.

Thank you for staying connected to LSI’s mission. Together, we remain hopeful and committed to building a bright future for all Iowans.

Your Compassion in Action in 2021


dollars earned by farmers who are former refugees in our Global Greens program


home visits providing education and resources to parents of young children


virtual and in-person therapy sessions for Iowans of all ages


behavioral health sessions for Iowa children and their families


Iowans empowered through LSI Services for People with Disabilities

A Chance to

Make a Difference

A Host Homes Story

“Host Homes changes lives dramatically. In this program, working one-on-one, they get attention, involvement, and love. Most individuals just need that constant in their life, knowing that someone has their back.”

After spending his childhood in foster care, living in multiple homes until he turned 18, Michael felt like he was missing a consistent person in his corner. As an adult, he spent years living in a group home environment with several roommates and a rotating team of staff members. Living in a busy home was difficult for Michael, and he needed more one-on-one care to thrive.

When he met Stacy and Trevor, things began to change.

Stacy and Trevor have served as Michael’s Host Homes mentors through LSI for the last few years. Through this innovative program, Iowans with disabilities move into private family homes and create strong bonds while still getting the support they need to build their independence.

Stacy and Trevor found their way to Host Homes after raising their children. With the kids grown up and out of the house, they were interested in finding ways to stay busy in the community.

“It was time to give back,” Stacy says. “I started by helping out at the Special Olympics, and it really made me feel very blessed. I wanted to pass that along to others. I could change someone’s life by doing that.”

Through Host Homes, Stacy and Michael work together on activities that help him practice important life skills like finances and budgeting. One of their favorite things to do together is what they call the “money and grocery store” game, where Michael is given a grocery shopping scenario. Each grocery list helps him practice his math so he can choose healthy foods that fit in his budget. When they first started working together, Stacy estimates that Michael could get 30 to 40 percent of the scenarios correct. Now, he’s up to 90 percent.

Stacy says Host Homes has also been helpful for Michael because they have a chance to sit down together over breakfast every morning and talk about his day. He knows what tasks he needs to complete, and it helps him feel accomplished at the end of the day.

The family also works closely with Michael’s legal guardian, Kevin, who says Host Homes has been life-changing for Michael.

Kevin says, “Stacy and Trevor have been wonderful for him. They are angels as far as I am concerned.”

At home, Michael also gets to continue growing his skills as an artist. He does pencil sketches and paintings – many of them are proudly displayed around the house – and Stacy helped him connect with an art teacher for private lessons.

Host Homes also allows the family to go on adventures together so Michael can experience new things – from a tropical cruise ship vacation to riding on a train.

Michael loves going to church with Stacy and Trevor, and you can often find him serving coffee and donuts to the congregation. Through Host Homes, Michael has truly become a part of his community.

Connect with our mission.

Home is

Where the Start Is

An Immigrant and Refugee Community Services Story

“I am excited to have space for my family. My wife is happy, and my family is happy.”

In March of this year, J. celebrated the one-year anniversary of owning his home in Iowa.

The spacious duplex is situated on a quiet street in a new subdivision of a growing suburb. Inside, sunlight from large windows pours in on white walls and furniture that highlight the colorful woven artworks displayed throughout the living room.

J. and his wife are originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Due to war in their country, they sought safety in Burundi in 2000. They had seven children, and J. enjoyed serving his community as a pastor.

In 2018, the family moved to Des Moines. J. was happy to be in the U.S., but there were still challenges.

“My wife and I worked and spent $350 in transportation each month because we didn’t have a car. After eight months of working, we bought a car for our family.”

He knew his next goal would be to purchase a house. J. was introduced to LSI’s Match and Save Program through a friend in the Somali community. The program offers financial literacy courses and helps individuals save for assets such as a vehicle, home, or business.

J. enrolled in the program, and last March the family moved from their apartment into their new home.

Now J. is looking toward the future.

He wants to grow his English language skills and start his own business with assistance from LSI’s Business Development Program.

This program helps individuals navigate language, economic, and social barriers that exist for refugee- or immigrant- owned businesses.

The program currently serves 75 businesses, including farmers, childcare providers, and retail/service businesses. LSI staff connect business owners with financial literacy and technical assistance, as well as grants, loans, and resources available through credit unions.

Dena Lewerke, LSI’s Economic Development Coordinator, says the program is built to meet community members wherever they are on their path to creating and maintaining their new businesses.

“The goal is to help individuals access all the resources they need to start and grow their businesses to the point they no longer need support from LSI,” Dena says. “This can go in stages, from registering as businesses to getting the training they need and getting support to maintain their businesses until they are fully self-sufficient.”

J. and his family are excited to build upon what they have already achieved and continue working toward their goals. “With work and patience, God will bless my efforts,” he says.

We can make a difference.

Support for

the Long Run

A Youth Residential Treatment Story

“Everybody is different, but all you have to do is try. Don’t give up, even if you think something won’t help.”

“When you make a mistake, there are ways to fix it.” That’s an idea Nicole has learned to embrace in her life.

As a child, Nicole often felt angry and alone. She didn’t know how to express herself, and as her anger built, it led to conflict with her family and at school. In 2021, she entered LSI’s Bremwood Residential Treatment Center in Waverly.

“When I came to Bremwood, I was nervous,” she recalls. “But I was excited, because I didn’t want to stay feeling this way.”

Together, Nicole and her LSI team of therapists and professionals worked on developing coping skills that could help her manage her anger on the difficult days.

She soon became more comfortable taking space for herself when she felt overwhelmed.

Nicole also participated in Spiritual Life, a voluntary faith-based program offered on campus. Pastor Kyle Barton, LSI’s Spiritual Life Leader, offers youth group sessions and music, art, and movement activities to all of the teens at Bremwood. He is also available as a calm and steady support if kids need to talk.

“It’s fun to meet them in their daily life and experience their life with them, whether that is talking about how school went or helping them work through their day,” Pastor Kyle says.

Through youth group, Nicole says she has also learned important lessons about forgiveness and trust by reading passages of scripture. She says the biggest lesson she has learned is that “when you make a mistake, there are ways to fix it.”

While at Bremwood, Nicole stayed connected to her family through LSI Therapy Services and LSI Behavioral Health Intervention Services.

These services work together to ensure families receive wraparound mental health care both at home and on campus. Nicole says these extra services have made a big impact for her family. They are able to communicate in healthier ways instead of arguing, and their days are now filled with more laughter and positive time together.

Nicole says she is grateful for all the guidance she received at Bremwood.

Because of support from communities and individuals across Iowa, she and other teens are able to participate in holistic programming on campus.

“I want to thank LSI donors because their support means we can do yoga therapy or youth group, work with Pastor Kyle and other people who can support us, and do things that will help in the long run,” she says.

As she looks ahead, Nicole now has goals for her future. She is working on graduating high school, and she is excited to get her driver’s license. She wants to go to college so she can become a special education teacher and empower the next generation. Nicole has learned to be an advocate for herself, and she wants her story to inspire other kids who could benefit from the same care she received.

We’re in this together.

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LSI focuses on mission and stewardship.
For every dollar received, we spend 84 cents on services.

Qualified Charitable Distributions:

If you are age 72 or older, you can give up to $100,000 directly from your IRA to charities such as LSI. This is a tax-free gift opportunity, called the IRA Charitable Rollover, and was passed by Congress and signed in to permanent law as of December 2015. This law allows taxpayers to give directly to nonprofit organizations without first having to recognize the distribution as income. You can make your gift by direct electronic transfer using the instructions below or have your IRA broker send a check directly to our mailing address by December 31, 2022.

Direct Transfer Instructions:

Have your broker transfer the IRA distribution/gift to Merrill Lynch DTC #5198, for further credit to LSI account # 660-04023

Merrill Lynch Contact Information:

David Blake
(515) 245-8050 or (800) 937-0608

Merrill Lynch
7545 Ashworth Rd, Ste 100
West Des Moines, IA 50266

By Mail:
Lutheran Services in Iowa
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(Note: Mailed checks must come directly from your IRA broker/custodian)


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Our Legacy of Leaders members are committed to the future of those LSI serves and have made a planned gift to LSI to protect that future. These gifts allow LSI to carry on with our mission, ministry, and legacy of lifting up and empowering Iowans for years to come.

Planned giving club


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Northeastern Iowa Synod Endowment Fund, Waverly

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Orleans Lutheran Women, Ridgeway

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Sisters of the Presentation, Dubuque

Soldier Lutheran Women, Soldier

South Enes/New Hope Lutheran, Vincent

Southeastern Iowa Synod ELCA, Iowa City

Southeastern Iowa Synodical Women of the ELCA, Eldridge

Springfield Lutheran Women, Decorah

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St. James Lutheran Women, Mason City

St. John (Buck Creek) Lutheran Women, Sumner

St. John (Crane Creek) Lutheran Women, Tripoli

St. John (Vilmar) Lutheran Women, Greene

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St. John Lutheran Sunday School, Cylinder

St. John Lutheran Women, Farmersburg

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St. John Lutheran Women, Luana

St. John Lutheran Women, Mineola

St. John Lutheran Women, Nashua

St. John Lutheran Women, Osage

St. John Lutheran Doras Society, Waverly

St. John’s & St. Paul’s WELCA, Bellevue

St. John’s (Bennington) Lutheran Women, Waterloo

St. John’s American Lutheran Women, Guttenberg

St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Women, Preston

St. John’s Lutheran Women, Grinnell

St. John’s Lutheran Women, Waukon

St. John’s Lutheran Women (Locust), Decorah

St. Olaf Lutheran Women, Belmond

St. Paul Lutheran Women, Davenport

St. Paul Lutheran Ladies Aid, Garnavillo

St. Paul Lutheran Women, Guttenberg

St. Paul Lutheran Women, Hampton

St. Paul Lutheran Women, Holstein

St. Paul Lutheran Women, Lime Springs

St. Paul Lutheran Women, Maynard

St. Paul Lutheran Women, Postville

St. Paul Lutheran Women, State Center

St. Paul Lutheran Women, Tama

St. Paul’s Lutheran Women, Atlantic

St. Paul’s Lutheran Women, Rolfe

St. Peter (Richfield) Lutheran Women, Sumner

St. Peter Evangelical Lutheran Women, Denver

St. Peter Lutheran Women, Greene

St. Petri Lutheran Women, Story City

Trinity Lutheran Women, Alta

Trinity Lutheran Women, Belmond

Trinity Lutheran Women, Hawkeye

Trinity Lutheran Women, New Hampton

Trinity Lutheran Women, Tipton

Trinity United Methodist Women, Waverly

Wapello United Methodist Women, Wapello

West Clermont Lutheran Women, Clermont

Western Iowa Synod ELCA, Storm Lake

Western Iowa Synodical Women’s Organization, Sioux City

Windsor Heights Lutheran Women, Windsor Heights

Winnebago Lutheran Women, Lake Mills

Zion Evangelical Lutheran Women, Dysart

Zion Lutheran Evening Circle, Arcadia

Zion Lutheran Women, Oelwein

Zion Lutheran Women, Rockford

Zion Lutheran Women, West Union

Zion Lutheran Women, Wyoming

Zion St. John Lutheran Women, Sheffield

3M Ames Plant, Ames

The Accel Group, Waverly

Adolph H. and Rosetta J. Peterson Charity Foundation, Madrid

Air Services Heating and Air, Waterloo

Amazon Smile Foundation, Seattle, WA

Americana, Des Moines

America’s Charities, Chantilly, VA

Amvets Ladies Auxiliary-Post 49, Cedar Falls

Athene USA, West Des Moines

Bank of America Foundation, Andover, MA

Bankers Trust, Des Moines

Benevity Community Impact Fund, Hudson, OH

Benton County Community Foundation, Cedar Falls

Blackhawk Automatic Sprinklers Inc., Cedar Falls

Blank Park Zoo, Des Moines

Bremer County Community Foundation, Waverly

Bremer County/MHDS of East Central Region, Waverly

Bremwood Auxiliary, Waverly

Buck Snort Restaurant, Denison

Burke Family Foundation, Ames

Businessolver, West Des Moines

Cedar Valley United Way, Waterloo

Cherokee Regional Medical Center Staff, Cherokee

Clay County Community Foundation, Spencer

Cobblestone Inn & Suites, Waverly

United Fund of Columbus Junction, Columbus Junction

Community Foundation of Cedar County, Bettendorf

Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines, Des Moines

Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque, Dubuque

Community Foundation of Louisa County, Wapello

Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa, Cedar Falls

Community State Bank, Spencer

Cookies by Design, Urbandale

Crawford County Community Foundation, Omaha, NE

Crescent Community Health Center, Dubuque

Dare Fitness, LLC, Waterloo

DART – Des Moines Area Regional Transit Authority, Des Moines

David and Phyllis Murphy Charitable Foundation, Mason City

Davis, Brown, Koehn, Shors & Roberts, P.C., Des Moines

DCAT Kossuth Cluster, Sioux City

Delta Dental of Iowa, Johnston

Department of IA Amvets Ladies Auxiliary, Cedar Falls

Des Moines Marriott Downtown, Des Moines

ELCA Foundation, Chicago, IL

En-Tire Car Care, Ames

Ewalu Camp and Retreat Center, Strawberry Point

Exelon Corporation, Princeton, NJ

F & G Life and Annuities, Des Moines

Families & Communities Rising, Inc., Durham, NC

Farrer Endowment Foundation, Mason City

Fidelity Bank & Trust, Waverly

First Citizens National Bank Charitable Foundation, Mason City

First National Bank, Ames

Floyd County Community Foundation, Cedar Falls

Food and You, LLC, West Des Moines

Foster Group, West Des Moines

Foundation for the Future of Delaware County, Manchester

Fredricksen Memorials LLC, Creston

Friends ‘N Service, Roland

Frontstream, New York, NY

Funny Bone, West Des Moines

General Mills Foundation, Minneapolis, MN

Good Shepherd Lutheran School, Marysville, KS


Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation, Cedar Rapids

Greater Delaware County Community Foundation, Manchester

Greater Iowa Credit Union, Ames

Greater Poweshiek Community Foundation, Grinnell

GreenState Credit Union, North Liberty

Group Benefit Partners, Fort Madison

Grundy County Community Foundation, Cedar Falls

Gudahl Good Works Fund

Guernsey Charitable Foundation, Waterloo

GuideOne Insurance, West Des Moines

Handbid Inc., Castle Pines, CO

Hawkeye Communication / Fandel Alarm, Hiawatha

Hugs with Stitches, Ackley

IBM Corporation/Employee Services Center, Endicott, NY

Immanuel Vision Foundation, Omaha, NE

IMT Insurance, West Des Moines

Infinite Resources, Des Moines

Iowa Credit Union Foundation, West Des Moines

Iowa Developmental Disabilities Council, Des Moines

Iowa Savings Bank Charitable Foundation, Carroll

Iowa Total Care, West Des Moines

Iowa Women’s Foundation, Coralville

IP Pathways, Urbandale

Isabel Bloom, West Des Moines

Johnson&Johnson Health Care Systems, Inc., New Brunswick, NJ

KC Auto Body, LTD, Waverly

Keepsake Quilters Guild, Cedar Falls

Kinship Brewing Co, Waukee

Kitchen Collage of Des Moines, Des Moines

Kiwanis Club of Ames – Noon, Ames

Kreg Tool Company, Ankeny

Kum & Go Food Stores, Des Moines

Lennox Industries, Marshalltown

Leonard A. Good Trust, Ogden

Living History Farms, Urbandale

The Lodge of Ashworth, Inc., West Des Moines

Loffredo Fresh Produce, Des Moines

Louisa County Board of Supervisors, Wapello

LSB Foundation, Waterloo

Mary Greeley Medical Center, Ames

Mary I. Gittens-Knouse Charitable Trust, Davenport

McCallsburg Lions Club, Roland

McDonough Charitable Foundation, Dubuque

McFarland Clinic PC, Ames

Merry Maids, Beaverdale

Meyer Pharmacy, Waverly

MidAmerican Energy Company, Des Moines

Mini Storage, Inc., Waverly

Mutual of America, New York, NY

NAMI – Dubuque, Dubuque

Nationwide United Way Campaign, Princeton, NJ

NCMIC Insurance Company, Clive

Network for Good, Washington, DC

Noce Jazz and Cabaret, Des Moines

Oakridge Neighborhood Services, Des Moines

Olive Garden – West Des Moines, West Des Moines

Paullina Monthly Meeting of Friends, Primghar

Polk County Auditor’s Office, Des Moines

Polk County Decategorization, Des Moines

Principal Financial Group Foundation, Des Moines

Qualifacts Systems Inc., Nashville, TN

Raygun, Des Moines

Readlyn Community Fund, Cedar Falls

Realtor Foundation of Iowa, West Des Moines

Reliance Standard Life Insurance, Overland Park, KS

RoCA, Des Moines

Sammons Financial Group, West Des Moines

Scheels, Sioux City

Signatry, Overland Park, KS

Siouxland Human Investment Partnership Inc., Sioux City

Sky Zone, Grimes

Spavia Ankeny, Ankeny

Star Equipment, Waterloo

State of Iowa One Gift Donations, Des Moines

Storm Lake Community Chest, Storm Lake

Susan Sarandon Foundation, Lancaster, PA

T & H Auto Repair, Des Moines

Tatroe Electric, Inc., Waverly

Theisen’s More for You Community Grant Program, Dubuque

Thrivent Financial, Appleton, WI

Tyson Foods, Inc., Perry

United Way of Allegheny County/SW Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, PA

United Way of Central Iowa, Des Moines

United Way of Dane County, Madison, WI

United Way of Greater Philadelphia & Southern New Jersey, Philadelphia, PA

United Way of Siouxland, Sioux City

United Way of Spencer, Spencer

United Way of Story County, Inc., Ames

United Way of the Midlands, Omaha, NE

United Way of the Quad Cities, Davenport

Unity Point Health, Des Moines

Van G. Miller Charitable Foundation, Waterloo

Vanity & Glamour, Des Moines

Veridian Credit Union, Waterloo

Veridian Credit Union-Community Foundation of NE IA, Cedar Falls

Verizon, Ames

Voya Financial Advisors, Inc., Des Moines

Wal-Mart #1506, Manchester

Wal-mart Superstore #753, Cedar Falls

Wal-MartSuperstore #1005, Waverly

Waverly Exchange Club, Waverly

Waverly Rotary Club, Waverly

Waverly-Shell Rock Area United Way, Waverly

Waverly-Shell Rock Middle School, Waverly

Wellmark Foundation, Des Moines

Wells Fargo Bank, NA, Des Moines

Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC, Saint Louis, MO

Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign, Princeton, NJ

Wells Fargo Foundation, Minneapolis, MN

West Central Iowa Regional Board of Realtors, Newton

Wine Styles West Glen, West Des Moines

Wolf Construction Services, Inc., West Des Moines

YourCause, LCC, Plano, TX

Crystal Abbe

Barbara Abbott

Donald and Pamela Abbott

David C. Abegglen

David and Barbara Abildtrup

Tim and Lisa Abrahamson

Rev. David and Joan Abram

Edward and Elizabeth Adams

Stephen and Deborah Adams

Marjorie Ahrenholtz

Elizabeth A. Ahrens

Adam and Sara Albright

Carolyn W. Allen

Kay Allen

Theresa Allen

Tiffany M. Allen

Rick and Mary Beth Allyn

Marcia M. Almeida de Macedo

Anne Almquist

Roger and Lois Amundson

Arthur and Lucille Andersen

Carol Andersen

Rev. Ralph Andersen

Rex and Nancy Andersen

Sarah Andersen

Arne and Cindy Anderson

Beverly Anderson

Callie Anderson

Calvin and Betty Anderson

Carrie Anderson

Gerald and Karen Anderson

Iver and Nancy Anderson

James and Barbara Anderson

John Anderson

Joyce Anderson

Joyce Ann Anderson

Judith Anderson

Jutta Anderson

Kenneth Anderson

Larry and Darlene Anderson

Marti Anderson

Ruby Anderson

Donna Andreessen

Gene and Carol Anhalt

Raymond and Teresita Arritt

Lucas Asbury

Rev. David and Ruth Assmus

Jeanette Astor

Gary and Gayle Atchison

Michael and Evelyn Aubrey

Kristin Aulwes

Lucas Austin

Kent and Jeannette Babcock

Sullivan Baccam

Loretta Bachelder

Rev. Dean and Beverly Baer

Michael and Nancy Baethke

Dorothy M. Bahlmann

Robert and Bonnie Baird

Jolene Baker

Sheila Baker

Rev. Randall and Bonnie Baldwin

Curtis and Alyce Balvanz

Dr. Louis and M. Patricia Banitt

Nichole Banowetz

Norman and Ruth Barker

Amal Barre

Rev. Kyle and Alexandra Barton

Thomas and Betty Barton

James and Shirley Bartosh

Clarice R. Bartz

Dennis and Barbara Bartz

Orland E. Bartz

Geneva Bast

William Bathie

John Baty and Jane Judge Baty

Bill and Sharon Bauer

Jeanna Bauer and Lay Wee

Joan Baumgartner

Glenn and Evelyn Beavers

Donald Beck

Donna Becker

Neal and Susan Becker

Robert J. Becker

Raymond and Joan Beebe

Douglas and Nanette Beech

Yvonne Beenken

Darrel and Margit Behrens

Deane and Sue Belcher

Marlene Bell

Mary Ann Bender

Kylie Beneke

Sharon Kay Bennett

Deanna Bennigsdorf

Donovan R. Benson

Mary Benson

Ray and Sandy Benter

Alesia Bentler

Benzoni/O’shea Charitable Fund

Donald and Marlys Berg

Frances Berger

Michael and Dana Berggren

LeRoy and Kathy Bergmann

Rev. David and Marsha Bergstrom

Marianne Berhow

Mallory Berkenpas

Genevieve Bertness

Jeniffer Betts

Julie Betts

Adeline M. Biedermann

Brent and Marsha Bierbaum

Arlan and Carolyn Biere

Henry and Karen Biere

Donald and Janet Biermann

David and Colleen Bigler

Donald and Mary Lou Billhorn

James and Beth Billings

Beryl and Marilyn Birkland

Carol Birkland and Thomas Woxland

Kenneth and Diane Birt

Amy Bishop

Betty Bishop

Jennifer Bishop

Paul Bissinger

Mark and Deborah Blaedel

David C. Blake

Bruce and Shari Blasberg

Douglas and Robin Bless

Debbie Block

Jamie Blomgren

Kathryn J. Bly

Stanley Bochtler

Norman and Ramona Boeckmann

Dolores M. Boehm

Norman and Patrica Boelk

Judith Boes

Melvin G. Bolk

Kurt and Michelle Bolte

Marv and Sheri Borcherding

Dr. Fred and Dianne Borgen

Gary and V. Anne Borlaug

Rev. Philip Borleske

Flo Bormann

KayCee Boros

Dolores Bowers

Daniel Bowser

Dave and Mary Bowser

Samantha Box

Boyken Expendable Fund

Allan Boyken

Quentin and Inez Boyken

Irvin and Patricia Boysen

Norm and Karen Braaten

Rev. Harold and Paula Bradway

William C. Braman

Darrel and Marian Brandt

Duane Brandt

Ronald and Nancy Brandt

James and Carol Brannon

Marvin Bratrud

Mark and Elizabeth Brauer

Ed Braun and Jean Krusi

Jerry and Linda Bravard

John Henry Brayton

Rev. Paul and Phyllis Breddin

Nila L. Bremer

Marlys Breneman

Richard and Rochelle Brenner, Jr.

Dr. Randall and Cheryl Brenton

Dorothy M. Breuer

Rebecca Brockhaus

Anne Broderick

Richard Brom

Kristin Brostrom

David and Dianne Brotherson

Claudia Brown

Clinton Brown

David E. Brown

Fred and Barbara Brown

Mary Brown

John E. Bruha

Jeffrey Bruner

Steven and LuAnn Brunes

Edna Brunkhorst

Caren and Rick Brunsvold

Dr. Roger and Kay Bryan

Rachel Bryant

Marian Brynsaas

Leroy and Lois Buchholz

Michael and Cynthia Buck

Bob and Jean Buckingham

Lyndi Buckingham-Schutt

Shirley M. Buenzow

Larry Joe and Linda Bullock

Eddah Bunei

Julianne Buntemeyer

Hilary Burbank

Christopher and Lori Burgess

Dennis and Jennifer Burke

James and Arleen Burkhardt

Dennis Burkheimer

Lou Ann Burkle

Ned and Micki Burmeister

Andrew Burton

Donald Burzlaff

William and Donna Busch

Glen and Barbara Bush

Jon and Barbara Butler

Michael and Darcy Byl

Vern and Jean Byl

Orval Byrd, Jr.

Vicky L. Calderon

Joyce M. Calgaard

Roberta J. Califf

Sean and Kara Califf

Amy Campbell

Craig and Dorothy Campbell

Jessica Campbell

Tim and Jennifer Cantine

Harold and Karen Cantonwine

Alycia Carlsborg

Carol E. Carlson

David and Brenda Carlson

Dean and Sandra Carlson

Joyce Carlson

Kenneth and Nancy Carlson

Sharon Carlson

P. Carpenter

DeLories Carsrud

David and Teresa Carter-Lewis

Brandy Case Haub

Abby Caslow

Steve and Theresa Caslow

Danielle Caswell

Beth Cedarholm

Tom Cerwinske

Marianne Chalstrom

Alan and Phyllis Charlson

Lisa Charpentier

Earl and Judy Check

Gregory and Susan Chenoweth

Dale and Sandra Christensen

Rev. Daniel and Susan Christensen

Jim and Janet Christensen

Keith Christensen and Dawn Deines-Christensen

Kenneth J. Christensen

Sheryl and Dean Christensen

Roger and Susan Christiansen

Lois J. Christopher

Myrv and Anne Christopherson

Jon and Janeen Christy

Jeff and Abigail Chungath

John and Anne Claes

Erin Clancy

Alvin and Colleen Clark

Dr. Daniel and Lois Clark

Steven and Leta Clausen

Marlys Ann Claussen

Dr. Charlotte Cleavenger

Lennie and Karen Clement

Don and Elna Clikeman

Fay L. Cline

Mark and Dianne Cline

Sharon Clipperton

John and Nancy Clough

Michael Clough

Michael and Lois Coates

Thomas Codling

Rev. David Coffin

James and Karen Colbert

Madison Colvert

Phyllis Conley

Tyger Conner

Kenneth and Karna Converse

Joan M. Coonley

Janet R. Copp

Andrea and Jeffery Corcoran

Marilyn Cornelius

Emily Cornwell

John and Carole Lea Cotton

Ina Couture

Arnold and Christine Cowan

Naomi S. Craft

Johanna Crawford

Bethany Crile

Martha Crist

Larry and Barbara Croghan

Les and Nancy Cullers

Bishop Amy Current

Margie and John Custis

Joanne Cutler

Nancy Dahl

Jack and Barbara Dahlby

John and Audrey Dahle

Rev. Richard and Gloria Dahle

Chad Dahm

Joan Dalen

Donald and Dorothy Dallman

Larry and Carol Dalluge

Leonard M. Daniel

Christopher G. Daniels

Jeffrey and Kristi Davick

Betty Davie

Justin Davis

Rita Davis

Sue Davis

Kenneth and Helen Debner

Donna DeBower

Margie DeBower

Virginia Dedor

Elaine Dekovic

Steve and Pat Delfs

Wilmer Denker

Keith and Eileen Denner

Charles and Tammera Denton

Shirley DeRuyter

Thomas and Margaret DeSio

Verna deTemmerman

Paul and Margaret Dettmann

Betty L. Dexter

Sandy Deyoe

Robert Diedrichs

Kevin and Joanne Diehl

Joanne G. Dierks

Lowell Diersen

David Digby and Joyce Knol-Digby

Lola D. Dillon

Caroline Dirks

Philip and Janet Dixon

Gerald and Bethel Dodd

Audrey K. Dodds

Jane Dodge

Sharon Dodge

Becky Dohlman

Eric Doll and Kessie Vonnie

Anne Dols

Paul and Marlaine Domoto

Mark and Vicki Donhowe

Sara Doruska

Amy Doud

Marilyn Doyle

Jeffrey and Pamela Dralle

Donald and Dianne Draper

Shelley Draur

Adam M. Drees

Rachel Drees

Dee Dreeszen

Julie and Tom Drew

Paul and Sally DuBois

Don and Bobbi Duenow

Duane and Mitzi Dufoe

David and Helen Duncan

Glenn and Rose Dunham

Leone K. Dunkelberg

Kenneth Dunker

Roger and Beverly Duvall

Karen E. Dyer

Stephanie Early

Larry and Barbara Ebbers

Erika Eckley

Bill and Cathy Eddy

Helen Eddy

Steven and Anita Eden

William and Jane Edwards

Steven and Pamela Egli

Sally L. Ehlert

Keith Eide

Morris and Janice Eide

Carrie Eiklenborg

Bonnie Ekse

James and Brenda Ellefson

Jacquelyn Ellingrod

Carol Elliott

Robert and Susan Elliott

Steven and Ellen Elmore

Brian and Rebecca Eness

Rev. Henrik and Marcia Engebretson

David and Beth Engelbrecht

Arlene Engh

Kaye and John Englin

Rev. Carl and Charlene Engstrom

Eddie and Kathy Entz

Paul and Shilotte Epley

Edgar and Joyce Epperly

Amber Epping

Risa Ergenbright

Dennis and Gloria Erickson

James and Julie Erickson

Paul and Noralyn Erickson

Eloise Ericson

Mary Esmann

Kent and Jody Eubank

Eugene and Dorothy Evans

Laurie Evans

Lynn Evans

Rebecca Evans

Rev. Burton and Norma Everist

Jayme Ewing

David and Rachel Faldet

Kim Fankhauser

Candice Fantauzzi

Trent and Marsha Farnham

Jane Farrell-Beck

Bonnie Fascher

William Fedeler

Alana Feeken

Bruce and Patricia Fenneman

Dr. Glenn and Gail Fenneman

William Fenske

Patrick and Katrin Fergus

Tom and Susan Feuerbach

Rev. Calvin and Donna Fick

Arlington and Deborah Fink

Russell and Kathleen Finkler

Brenna Finnerty

Nancy Fischer

Ruth Fisher

Thomas B. Fisher-King

Richard and Mary Fitch

James and Janice Fitkin

Ruth N. Fjelstad

Robert J. and Susan Fleming

Emily Fletcher

Faith Florez

Bethany “Tory” and Kyle Flynn

Connor Flynn

Shelly Flynn

Romaine Foege

James and Judith Fogdall

Dennis and Linda Folden

Elly Folkers

Nancy Folkerts

Dr. William and Kathy Follows

Alanna Forari

Arlene Ford

Rachel and Tom Formaro

Joy Foss

Judy Fowlkes

Ryan Fox

Mary Frahm

Dr. Mary Franken

Kathryn Franzenburg and William Davis

Carol Fredrich and John Fairweather

Russell and Marie Freerking

Chris and Donia Freese

Mary Freimuth-Helt

Noel Friday

Mollie Frideres

H. Bruce and Rose Friedrich

Rev. Susan and Norman Friedrich

Frank and Eulyn Frostestad

Dr. C. Fredrick and Gerry Fuller

William and Mona Fullerton

Joan Fumetti

Shirley A. Funk

Julie Gaiaschi

Roxanne Galkin

Jerry and Catherine Gallmeyer

Rev. Kenneth and Barbara Gamb

Mike and Carol Gammon

Joan Gangestad

Rev. Andrew Gangle and Dr. Katrina Guest

Roger and Susan Garbes

Teresa Garcia

Candice Gardner

Carolyn Gardner

Wayne and Lois Garms

Michael Gaul and Ann Taylor

Tim and Margaret Gaul

Carl and Aurilee Geertz

Ron and Marion Gehrke

Sara Geiken

Dean and Donna Geise

Martha Geist

Robert and Bonita Gelina

Steve and Susan Gent

David and Cathleen Gerbracht

Katherine Gibson

Curtis and Doris Gierhan

David and Mary Giese

Katharine Gilmore

Larry Gittins, Sr.

Thomas and Mary Glanville

Linda Glienke

Michael and Betty Glover

Rev. Jerome and Jane Godson

Dr. John and Karen Goedeken

Linda Goeldner

Oswald and Carol Goettler

Ryan Goetzinger

Jeffrey and Ingrid Goldenstein

Timothy and Darla Gonnerman

Nikki R. Goodell

Thomas and Pat Goodenow

Karl Goodman

Celeste E. Goodrich

Tina Gordinier

Mark and Joan Gordon

William and Connie Gordon

Marjorie Gowdy

Elizabeth A. Goyke

Eric Grau

Duane Graversen and Marlene Peterson

Jesse and Joyce Graves

Henry and Janet Gray

Gerald and Susan Green

Reginald and Kathy Green

Sarah Green

Kim and Dianne Greenfield

Jack and Marie Gregersen

Larry and Jeanne Gregory

Steven and Kim Grell

Gillian Gremmels

Pat and Karla Grennan

Ruth Griggs

Marjorie Grimm Trust

Christian Grindberg

Paul and Melodie Grinvalds

Becky Groeneweg

Lynne Groskurth

Joyce Gross

Lilli Gross

Andrea Grotegut

Darwin and Carol Groth

Dr. and Mrs. Randall Groth

Louise Grotheer

Craig Grundmeier

Lowell and Sharon Grunwald

Steve and Mona Gude

Darwin L. Guenther

Dr. M. Michael and Jill Guffy

Maynard Guild

Eric Gunderson

James and Desiree Gunning

Robert and Brenda Gunther

Filmore Gustafson

Peggy L. Gustafson

Sandy Gustafson

Gary and Nancy Guthrie

Karl and Barbara Gwiasda

James and Julie Haage

Kurt and Rita Haage

Lavoy and Theo Haage

Alan and Coleen Haatvedt

Janice Hackbart

Rachel Hadaway

Dean Hagen

Robert and Mary Hahn

Bishop Lorna and Rev. David Halaas

Judith Halbur

Katherine A. Halbur

Liz Halder

Janelle Hall

Lara Hallgrimsdottir

Frank and Brenda Halverson

Gerald Halverson

Darlyce A. Hamann

Rodney and Diane Hamer

John E. Hamilton

Scott and Diane Hamilton

Stephen and Cheryl Hamilton

William and Linda Hamilton

Charles and Janice Hamlett

Kelsey Hample

Mark and Barbara Hanawalt

Jeffrey and Susan Hand

Carol Sue Hansell

Calvin and Kathleen Hansen

David and Connie Hansen

Steven and Marilyn Hansen

Anne Marie Hansl

Rev. Bradley and Marion Hanson

Dan and Karen Hanson

Eric Hanson

Harold and LeAnna Hanson

Roger Hanson

Rev. George and Janet Hanusa

Robert and M. Elaine Harden

Bonita Harle

Siobhan Harman

Steven and Diane Harms

Mike and Jane Harrell

Ruth Harris

Richard Hart

Floyd and Ella Harthun

Robert and Christina Hartman

John Harvey

Carol Hasvold

Jerry and Patricia Hatfield

Rev. Joan Haug

Marlyce Hauge

Hauser Druker Foundation Fund

Anthony and Trude Hauser

Carl and Judy Hauser

Dori Hauser

Arne and Jena Hausknecht

John and Janet Hawkins

Lesley Hawkins

Jeffrey and Dianna Hay

James and Sarah Hayes

Harold Hayungs

Michael and Joan Hazell

Brenda Headington

Susie Healey

Joy Heckman

Douglas and Mary Hedberg

Lois Heick

Ann B. Hein

Dr. Herman and Carol Hein

Steven Held

James C. Heldt

Timothy and Debra Heldt

Laura and Jason Helgens

Randy Helgerson

Tara Hellickson

Jerry and Mardelle Helmke

Sharon Hemmen

Dr. Leslie and Iris Hemmingson

Maurine Hemphill

Christopher and Karen Henderson

Donald Henderson

Carol Hendrick

Dr. Alexander Henkin

Alan and Karen Hermanson

Rev. Selmer and Jan Hernes

Joseph and Mary Herriges

Barbara Herzmann

Beverly Hesner

Anne Hesse

Charles and Elizabeth Heston

Helen Heth

Harley and Susan Hett

Donna Hicks

J. Elaine Hieber

Lee E. Hill

Arlene Hintch

Dr. Norma Hirsch

Arthur and Sharon Hitz

Dustin Hockman

Kaela Hodzic

Emily Hoesly

Hollis and Marion Hoffmann

Maynard and Anne Hogberg

Pastor Louis and Lois Hoger

Larry and Karen Hoier

Richard and Carol Hoke

Gerald and Marlene Hollander

Eric Holm and Sara Uthe

Susan Holman

Betty Holtz

Richard Honzatko

William and Nola Hoover

LaVon Hostetler

Lois LaVon Hostetler

Maynard and Rita Hotvedt

Roy and Patricia Hougen

Michael Hovland and Nancy L. Jones

Duane and Joyce Howard

Mike and Lou Howard

Darrel and Jean Hoy

Claire Hruby

Susan Huber

Roger and Linda Hudgins

Dave Hudson

Martha Huinker

Carol Huisman

Keith and Marilyn Hultquist

Jon and Bonnie Hunziker

Rita Hurd

Joy Hutson

Gary and Nancy Ingelson

Debra Ingwersen

Duane Irlbeck

Beth Isvik

Bonnie and Jon Jackson

Julie Jacobi

B. Diane Jacobs

Jeffrey D. Jacobs

Jane Jakoubek

Lawrence and Lisa Jamieson

Thomas Jamison

Ellen Janke

Ryan and Lindsay Janke

Jim and Carla Janssen

Mark and Susan Janssen

Robert and Karen Janssen

Darrell and Jolene Jebsen

Marissa Jennings

Carolyn Jensen

Charlotte Jensen

Dick and Cheryl Jensen

Glenn and Marjorie Jensen

Richard Jensen

Bart and Teresa Jenson

Brad and Renee Jesse

Wanyi Jiang

Robert and Marlene Joens

Larry and Jane Johannesen

Muriel Johannessen

Alan and Ida Johnson

Edna L. Johnson

Gary and Sharon Johnson

Gene Johnson

Joanne Johnson

Joanne Johnson and Mark Bennett

Kathryn Johnson

Kay Johnson

Marilyn R. Johnson

Mark A. Johnson and Brenda Steffens

Rebecca and Douglas Johnson

Richard Johnson and Leslie Mamoorian

Robert and Erika Johnson

Sandra Johnson

Timothy and Diane Johnson

Tom and Rita Johnson

Yvonne D. Johnson

John and Judy Johnston

Alice Jones

Bishop Kevin Jones

Ronald and Sharon Jones

Rev. Thomas and Kaye Jones

Gerrianne Jordan

Arlene K. Jorde

Paul and Erma Joslin

Kirk and Amy Juhnke

Carmen and Karl Jungbluth

Ann Jungmann

Russell and Mary Junkins

Kent and Kimberly Kaplan

Rev. Randall and Donna Kasch

Diane Kasdorf

Tom and Cathy Kaspar

Jerald C. Katzer

Ali Kauffman

Bill and Sarah Keel

Jeff and Kim Keisler

Caryn Kelly

Dan and Mary Kelly

Jane Kemp

Dave and Lola Kenworthy

Eugene and Alice Kenyon

Mark and Linda Kenyon

Clairyss J. Kerns

Lori Kieffer-Garrison

Margaret Kiekhaefer

Mark and Kathy Kilmer

Delores Kindschuh

Rev. Brian and Jennifer King

Dr. Donald and Marianna King

Leesa Kinzer

Sarah Kirk

Charlotte Kirkegaard

Traci Kirtley

Martin Klammer and Joy Conrad

David and Rebecca Klatt

Marilyn Kline-Johnson

Roger Klingman

Gerald and Eileen Klonglan

Kent and Karen Klopfenstein

Rev. James and Laurel Klosterboer

Albert Knake

Jennifer Knake

Roni Knief

Mike Knipp

Eric and Beverly Knoernschild

Kendall and Evelyn Knospe

Rev. Jim and Deb Knudson

Rev. Herbert and Anne Knudten, Jr.

Gene and Carole Knutson

Russell Knutson

Elin Koch

Margit Kock

Shirley Koehn

Kathryn Koenig

James and Barbara Koester

Marilyn Kofmehl

Bethany Kohoutek

Doug and Ginger Kohoutek

Rev. Daniel and Nova Kolander

Patricia Kolpin

Irene H. Koob

Linda Koopman

Betty Kopplin

Aleena Korell

Karl and Ruthanne Korte

Linda Kortemeyer

Diane Koschmeder

Mark A. Koskamp

Don and Elaine Koss

Robert Kossow

John and JoAnn Kovar

Jerry and Mary Krafka

Bruce Kraft

Barbara Kramer

Rev. David and Deloris Kramer

Lowell and Marilyn Kramme

Marilyn Kramme

Amanda Krause

Irva V. Krause

Rick and Annette Krause

Dr. Richard and Judith Kreiter

Betty L. Kremer

Peggy Krentz

Jon Krieg

Ron and Janice Kriener

Kathryn Kriener-Klink

Carol Kropf

Kenneth and Beverly Kruempel

Dennis Kruger

Kayla Krull

Frederic and Phyllis Krumwiede

William and Pamela Kruse

Stanley and Marilyn Krutsinger

Lawrence and Kimberly Kudej

Gerald and Marilu Kuhl

Stanley and Jane Kuhn

Gwen Leigh Kuhrt

William and Nancy Kukral

James A. Kurtt

Will and Liz Kurtt

Rev. Jerry and Marguerite Laehn

Dr. Richard and Ellen Lafans

Sandra K. Lamb

Stephen and Deborah Lamb

Allen and Chris Lang

Joyce R. Lang

Kari Lang

Michael and Janette Lang

Kevin Langreck

Dr. Greg and Susan Lantz

Jeff and Cheryl Larison

Merle and Joyce Larkin

Delores Larsen

Kent and Ruth Larsen

Duane and Arlene Larson

Jeannine Larson

Marvin and Mary Larson

Oliver and Darlene Larson

Richard Larson

Ronald and Anne Larson

Linda Latham

Brian and Patricia Laurenzo

Reginald and Jerilyn Laursen

Dennis and Karen Lauterbach

James and Joanne Laxson

Cynthia Lee

Geraldine Lee

Karen Lee

Kerrie Lee

Russell and Susan Leeper

James and Joan Lehman

Jody K. Lehman

Laverne Lehman

Gloria J. Lehmann

Mark and Karen Lehmann

Ronald and Norma Leibold

Troy and Karyn Leininger

Richard and Joan Leiran

Scott and Molly Leisinger

Valdean and Lois Lembke

Sally Leme

David and Ellyn Lemke

Norman and Kay Lemmon

Gene and Pat Leonhart

Brittani Lepley

Wilma Lesan

D. Michael and Linda L. Lewis

Harriet Lewis

James Cody Lewton

Karen Lienhard

Donald and Nadine Lilleskov

Lucia Lincoln

Darrel and Marilyn Lind

Rev. Denise Lindemann

Fred and Carol Lockard

Kevin and Mini Locke

Nancy Locker

Deborah Loers and David Prentice

Jane Lohnes

Richard and Joyce Lohr

Doris Lompe

Richard and Ann Long

Daniel and Cynthia Longnecker

Brian and Nina Looney

Kong and Doua Lor

Phiengchay Lovan

Andrea Love

Bonnie Rae Love

Russell and Linda Lovell, II

Kelly Low

Dannette Lowry and Lawrence Chew

Larry and Sue Ludemann

Carol Ludwig and Warren Obluck Charitable Fund

Barbara Lueder

Dawn Luetje

Norman Lundquist

Marlene Lundsgaard

Paul and Mary Ann Lundy

Rachel Luppens

Jennifer Lutz

Gayle Luze

Lyle and Susan Luzum

Merle and Mary Lynch

Paul and Jean Mack

Diann Mackey

Donna MacNeir

Aaron and Jenna Madison

Bess E. Madsen

Joan Mahn

Bob and Linda Mahncke

Stacey Maifeld

Dr. Stephen and Elaine Main

W. Craig and Sue Ann Malloy

Paul and Lynn Mankins

Diann Marten

Lyle and Patricia Martin

Peggy A. Martin Charitable Fund

Sharron I. Martin

Thomas Martin

Tracy Martin

Colleen Martin-Herrin

James and Karen Martin-Schramm

Mark and Martha Marz

Robert and Ellen Maschmann

Michael and Kathy Massa

Drs. Douglas and Kate Massop

Jane Mathison

Heather Matson

Leslie Matthias

Romane and Janice Matthias

Todd and Sue Mattison

George and Marilyn Max

Dr. Gregory and Mary Maxwell

Mary McAdams Kennard

Lauren McCarthy

Gordon and Marilyn McConnell

Martha McCormick

Michael McCormick

Robert McCormick

Scott and Patricia McCormick

Steven and Kathleen McCracken

Sherry McGill

Andrew McGrean

Amanda McKee

James McMahill

Kelly A. McQuerry

LeAnn McRoberts

Marcos Lester McSweeney

Diane Mech

Pastor Kent and Heidi Mechler

David Meek

Kenneth and Marilyn Meeks

Mary Mehlhaus

Clyde Meier

Russell and Janet Melby

Elizabeth Melcher

James and Susan Melmann

Brian and Brenda Meyer

Carol Meyer

David and Sandra Meyer

Dean and Mardine Meyer

Joel E. Meyer

Rev. John and Frances Meyer

Tom Meyer

W. Thomas and Kay Meyer

Tom and Paula Michel

Michael and Cynthia Miehe

Bruce and Susan Miller

Casey and Heather Miller

Dr. Gordon Miller, Jr. and Irmi Schewe-Miller

Harold and Daphne Miller

John G. Miller Jr.

John J. and Barbara Miller

Megan Miller

Michael and Vickie Miller

Michael and Julie Miller

Leighann Mitchum

Revs. Jack and Rachel Mithelman

Patricia Mize

James and Sheryl Moeller

John and Rosalind Moeller

Lois Moeller

Mark and Terri Moeller

Dr. Ronald and Dianna Moeller

Wayne Moetsch

Donna Mohler

Wayne and La Donna Mohlis

Rev. Ronald and Donna Mohr

Ronald and Sheila Monahan

Matt and Jodi Mongan

Mark and Judith Monroe

Clayton and Adele Monserud

Brent and Daphne Monson

Kevin and Julie Monson

James and Dorothy Moody

Cheryl Moore

Daniel Moore

Roger and Debra Moore

Barbara Jo Morgan

Ronald Morgan and Marta Burkgren

David and Carol Morris

Dean and Nancy Morris

Marilyn Mount

Barbara J. Movall

Glen Mueller

J. Howard and Frances Mueller

Jim and Connie Mueller

Tad and Lisa Mueller

Ron Muhlenbruck

Richard and Lisa Mullen

Jeffery and Cynthia Mumm

Bruce and Barbara Munson

Patrick and Mari Jo Murken

Mark and Jean Murphy

Stephanie Murphy

Daniel and Peggy Musil

Josephine Mwirotsi-Shaw

Alan Myers and Margaret Eisen Myers

Michele Myrom

Anna and Bobby Nalean

Donald and Carol Nappe

Katherine J. Narveson

Gerald and Josephine Nash

Gerald and Laura Nathlich

Dr. Bradley and Leona Nau

Lawrence Naylor and Melissa Blacketer

Stephanie Neary

Leola Nedved

Lindsey Neessen

L. Thomas and Lynn Nehls

Robert and Kay Nellis

Corinne Nelson

Glenn Nelson and Jane Borelli

Harland S. Nelson

James and Patricia Nelson

Janet Nelson

Larry and Vicky Nelson

Mary Lois Nelson

Matt and Sarah Nelson

Millard Nelson, Jr.

Rev. Paul and Kathryn Nelson

Verne F. Nelson

Margaret A. Nerison

John and Patti Nervig

Raymond and Janet Neumann

LeAllen Nevermann

Ruth Neville

Jonathan Newell

Harold and Joyce Nichol

Arthur Dean Nicholson

Robert Nicolai

Suzy Niebling

Sheryl Niebuhr

William and Pauline Niebur

Hillary Nielsen

Jeffrey and Jane Nielsen

John and Doris Nielsen

Larry and Frances Nielsen

Melvin H. Nielsen

Wilbur C. Nielsen

Michelle Nieman

Lyle and Ruth Niemeyer

Madeleine Niemuth

Bernie and Kim Nikkel

Brent and Sandra Niland

Dale and Sonya Nimrod

Jerry Nissen and Cheryl Bowen-Nissen

Joseph and Joanne Nolte

Dana and Marlene Norby

Edna Norby

Debra Nordskog

Daniel and Cindy Norell

M.R. and Barbara Norris

Phil and Kathy Norris

Douglas and Michele Nubel

Evelyn J. Oberhelman

Richard and Eloise Obman

Berneta L. O’Brien

James O’Brien

Sean O’Bryan

James and Jeanne O’Halloran

Jack and Kris Ohle

Ronald and Barbara O’Kones

Pastor Christopher and Beth Olkiewicz

John and Helen Olson

Keith W. Olson

Steven and Janet Olson

Tim and Cynthia Olson

Jons and Ann Olsson

Jane E. Ommen

Edward Patrick O’Neill

Ronald and Tamara Onsager

Dona Opsal

Peggy Osbahr

Rev. Paul and Carol Ostrem

Eldon and Janice Ott

Bill Otterman

Stuart Oxer and Wendi Harris

Joyce Pagel

Amy Palanjian

Laurel M. Palmer

Ronald Palumbo and Laura Schinnow

Bonnie Parker

Brenda Parker

Lisa Parker

Andrea Parvu

Dr. John Paschen and Cynthia Oppedal Paschen

Claire Patin

Sarah R. Patin

Wilbur and Ruthe Pattison

Jack and Jane Patton

Darrell Paul

Victoria F. Payseur

Janet Peacey

Russell and Darlene Peatrowsky

Daniel and Dixie Peden

Lauri Pedersen

Aaron L. Peimann

Rick and Suzanne Pepin

Jennifer Perkins

Sharon Perry

Carla and Mike Peterman

Anne Peters

Ginnie Peters

Steven and Randi Peters

Janet Petersen and Brian Pattinson

Keith Petersen and Angela Worley-Petersen

Mark and Karen Petersen

Donald and Charlotte Peterson

Geraldine Peterson

Jodylinn Peterson

William and Dorothy Peterson

Steven E. Petty

Jolene Pfaff

Larry and Ann Pfantz

Joanne Pfeiffer

Tom Pfenning

Ashish Phansopkar and Meghna Krishnan

James and Kathy Phelan

Margaret Phelps

E. Ann Philippi

Bradley and Lori Phillips

Matthew and Stephanie Phillips

R. Dean and Carol Phillips

Michael and Linda Phipps

Arlyn and Connie Picken

Mark and Barbara Piel

Beth Pietan

Stephanie Pietruszynski

Charles and Anne Pietscher

Dawn M. Pilon

Marilyn Pinkley

Jaylen W. Plagge

Jessica Pleuss

Michael and Patricia Plueger

Stan Poe

Janice J. Pohl

Arthur and Bernadene Pohm

John Pollak and Nancy Crowfoot

James and Julie Popken

Keith and Audrey Popp

Michael and Lori Porsch

Judy Porter and Gary Cromer

Max and Monica Porter

Christina Poss

Allen and Susan Post

Shreejan Poudel

Julene M. Powell-Mohr

Allan Powers and Ann Mowery

Sanjita Pradhan

Jermaine Prescott

Bill and Joanne Price

Michelle Prichard

Melissa Primus

Rev. Thomas and Sharon Prochnow

Brian and Deborah Proffitt

Marion Pruitt-Jefferson

Dennis and Constance Purdum

Lou A. Putney

LaVerne and Janice Quass

Jennifer Quick

Brianna Quigley

Joan Racki

Jerry and Sandra Rada-Aleff

Duaa W Radhi

Jerry and Susan Radke

Scott and Krismar Ramker

Nola J. Rand

Delores Ranshaw

Lyle and Carol Rasmussen

Richard and Donna Rasmussen

Martin and Roxanne Rathje

Leo and Sandra Rathjen

Craig Raway

Rebecca and Steven Reed, Sr.

Larry and Sharon Reid

Robert and Debra Reinard

Megan Reinders

Frank H. Reints

Dr. Phillip and Ruth Reitan

Rev. Thomas and Virginia Reuss

Laura Reveles

Mary Rewoldt

Elizabeth Reyna

Dennis and Joanne Rice

Rebecca Rice

John Richards

Earl and Mary Richardson

Russell and Idella Richardson

Stephen and Jane Ricklefs

David and Kathy Rieck

Jennifer Riedemann

Ernie and Debbie Riepe

Clair Rierson

Ken and Pam Riggs

John and Cheryl Rigler

David and Joyce Riley

Dee Etta Riley

Robert and Kay Riley

Jean Rinde

Janice Risdale

Moroni Rivera

Michael Roberts

Jon and Jamie Robertson

Charles and Donna Robinson

James and Margaret Rock

Frances M. Rockey

John and Roberta Rodecap

Kari Roehr and Kate O’Connor

Paul and Darlys Rogers

Dorothy Roiseland

Richard and Ann Roller

Mildred Rosdail

Jan Rosdail-Aegerter and Roger Aegerter

Gene and Marcia Rosel

Mark and Janet Rosenbury

Terry and Patricia Rosene

Roger and Brenda Roskens

Ashley Ross

Myrna O. Ross

Delbert and Jeanne Rost

Jean Rothfusz

Joan Rourke

Carol A. Roush

Don and Sandy Routh

Ron and Ann Rowland

Mark and Martha Royer

Robert and Pastor Kathryn Roys

Maurice and Shirley Ruddick

Klaus Ruedenberg

Connie Ruhser

John and Doris Rumpp

Matthew Russell

Richard and Joan Rust

Mark and Vickie Rutherford

Richard and Diane Ryerson

Charles and Kathy Safris

Jeffrey and Vee Sage

W. Matt and Sandy Salmon

Rue Ann Sams

Timothy and Julie Samuelson

Mary Sand and Larry Von Kaster

Earl Sande

E. A. Sandersfeld

Wayne and Marietta Sargeant

Dan and Pam Sargent

Joann J. Sargent

Lee and Sherry Sargent

Dawn I. Sassatelli

Margaret Satre

Peter and Jane Scanlon

Patrick Schacherer

Jacob and Erica Schaefer

Michael Schaeffer

Leslie and Dienna Schafer

William and Kathy Scharnhorst

Marietta Schemmel

Paul and Joyce Scherner

Erin Schilling

Charles Schimmelpfennig

Joshua Schindler

Clarene Schipper

Duane and Cheryl Schipull

Rev. Roger Schlaefer and Marjorie Hammer

Connie Schlotterback

Carolyn L. Schmidt

Marlene Schmidt

Betty Schmitt

Ronald Schneck

Rev. Curtis and Dr. Jean Schneider

Sarah Schneider

Shaun and Julie Schneider

Donald and Carol Schnitzler

William and Karen Schoenenberger

Alan and Randi Jo Schoening

Deanna M. Schoessler

Warren and Karen Scholten

Ronald and Sharon Schorpp

Michael J. Schoville

Sharon Schrage

Leon and Marilyn Schramm

Don and Teresa Schreiber

Rev. Pamela Schroeder

Wayne and Linda Schroeder

Melissa Schrof

Mary Schuchmann

Helen K. Schuck

Evelyn D. Schultz

Marvin and Helen Schumacher

William and Jodi Schuman

Rhonda Schutte

Peggy Schwake

David and Gina Schwartz

Carolyn Scott

David and Julie Scott

Norman and Susan Scott

Joyce Scott-Bast

Sadye Scott-Hainchek

Ellen Secor

William and Cheryl Seele

Mark and Marlys Segar

Janet Segreti

Twila Seibert

Karen Seidl

Patrick and Dorene Sell

John and Lynn Sellmeyer

Margaret Selmon

Jeff and Jeanne Sexe

Beatrice C. Sexton

Tim Sexton

David and Lori Sharp

Rev. Carlton Shaw

Dr. David and Darlene Shaw

Marilyn Shay

Ann Shelton

Doug and Amy Sheppard

Heidi Sherer

William and Beth Shields

Stephen and Brendalyn Shird

Craig and Katherine Shives

Judy Shkolnick

Glenn and Pam Sibbel

Philip and Rev. Diana Sickles

Kenneth and Bernadette Siebert

Scott Siebrecht

Janice Siefken

Carleen Sievertsen

Jay and Melanie Sigafoose

Mary Lou Sigmund

Marilyn L. Sill

Alyssa Silver

Arlo and Sue Sime

William and Catherine Simpkins

Noel and Linda Singer

Michael and Lois Sinram

Hannah Skarstad

Dr. Lowell and Ruby Skinner

Terence and Karen Slattery

Carmen Slaughter

Marvin and Anne Slind

Randy Slycord and Colette Norby-Slycord

R. J. Smalling

Cosette D. Smith

Dian Smith

Michael and Rhonda Smith

Shirley Smith

Theodore and Penelope Smith

Rev. Timothy and Lisa Smith

William and Charlene Smothers

Robert and Oriett Snider

Samantha Soash

Wayne and Arlys Soeder

Dr. Erwin F. Soell

Rev. Neal and Rev. Nancy Solomonson

Steve and Barbara Soma

Michael and Diane Sondergard

Marvin Sorensen

Rev. Barb Spaulding

Philip and Galina Spike

William and Nancy Spilde

Ruth Sponheim

Kim and Judy Sprain

Vaun and Marian Sprecher

Suzanne Sprong

Joe and Louise Squires

Shirley Stakey

David and Diane Stark

Calvin and Shirley Staudt

Bonnie Steege

Jackie Steele

M. Helen Steen

Deanne M. Steffens

Kent Steffes

Clarence and Shirley Steggall

Deborah Stein

Andrew Steines

Gordon and Jean Stelling

Ronald and Marilyn Stenberg

W. Bradley and Carolyn Stensland

William and Catherine Stensland

Nicole Sternhagen-Findlay

David and Kerry Steward

Ernest and J. Marie Steward

Rev. J. David Stewart

Sharlyn Stewart

Arliss M. Stockdale

Christine Stockton

Ashlee Stoddard

Marsha Storbakken

Daniel Storck

Ryan and Maria Story

Jessica Stout

Ehren Stover-Wright

John and Joan Strand

William and Jan Striepe

Phaedra Strohmaier

Nancy and Doug Strutzenberg

Don and Carol Stulken

Mark J. Stumme

Charles and Mary Sukup

Scott Sundstrom

Theresa Sutton

Deborah Svec-Carstens

David Swanson

Patricia Swanson

Roger and Ruth Swanson

Alexas Swartz

Kevin and Kim Swartz

Rev. John and Ramona Swenson

Jean M. Swiggum

Charles and Connie Tadlock

Keith and Marcia Taeger

Kenneth Talbert and K. Janice Breitling

Elmon and Barb Tatroe

Charles and Nancy Taylor

David and Sandra Taylor

Howard and Marcia Taylor

Larry and Julianne Taylor

Betty Teague

Raymond and Kathleen Team

J.F. and Angela Tedesco

Jon and Gloria Tehven

Rev. M. DeWayne and Katherine Teig

Carol Templer

Ramona TePaske

Kristin C. Tesdall

Rev. William and Marilyn Thalacker

Lisa Thang

Dennis and Mary Thomas

Patricia S. Thompsen

Claude and Marien Thompson

Dorothy Thompson

Dr. Jacqueline Thompson

Kathryn Thompson

Lance Thompson

Larry and Jacqueline Thompson

Patricia Thompson

Lois Thompto

Rev. Allan Thoreson

Samantha Thorpe

Betty Thronson

Jeanne Thuesen

Ann Thye

Carole Tillotson

Curtis Tillotson

Betty Timmerman

Julie A. Tindell

James and Janet Tinker

Phyllis Tinket

Mardell Tinkey

James and Linda Tjaden

Jeanette R. Tjelmeland

Mark and Connie Tjelmeland

Mary Tjelmeland

John and Karen Tjostem

George and Bonnie Tobiason

Francis and Marianne Todey

Pastor Keith and Virginia Tomlinson

Rev. Larry and Lois Trachte

Andrew Traeger

Kimberly and Jeffry Traeger

Mark and Ann Trax

Sharon Treinen

Donald and Mary Treloar

Derek Trobaugh

L. D. and Joyce Trollope

Sarah Trone Garriott and Will Garriott

Warren and Joyce Trotter

Margaret Troyke

Carol Turner

Philip and Jane Turner

Rodger and Elizabeth Tvelten

John Twardos and Molly MacMillan

Arlen and Asta Twedt

Stanley B. Tweeten

Darla Twit

Kirk and Janel Tyler

Etsuro and Almira Uemura

Bishop Steven and Ruth Ullestad

Doris M. Underberg

Neta Updegraff

Leonard and Cathy Upham

Donald Urbatsch

Gerald and Susan Vallem

Arnold and Suzanne Van Der Valk

Mary Lynne Van Valin

Eleanor Vandeventer

Tony and Ann VanEngelenburg

Denny and Sue Vaudt

Mike and Colleen Vaughn

Gene and Janet Venenga

Denise Vernon

Carey Verschuure

Rod and Gail Vicker

Rev. H. Allen and Janice Vik

William and Mary Kay Vogel

Shirley Vogt

David and Anabeth Voigts

Jody Vollmer

Faye Vossberg

Mark and Charlene Vukovich

Robert and Renee Wade

Connie Wagers

Kevin and Valerie Wagoner

Ted and Debbie Waitman

Dr. Fred and Edith Waldstein

Marianne Waldstein

Bradley Waline

Donald Wall

Bob and Becky Wallace

Jay and Bonnie Wallace

Sam and Sally Wallace

Tim and Anne Walsh

Laurie and Bruce Walters

Norma Walther

Jay and Virginia Wangerin

Stephen and Sandra Ward

Marilyn Warling

Linda Warren

Bonnie Warrington

Gary and Grace Wasko

Donald Watje

Bruce A. Wearda

Keith Weaver and Kristi Walz

E. William Webster

Lisa Weed

Michael and Mary Wegner

Steven and Karen Weiss

Larry and Linda Wellendorf

Henry and Lorene Wellnitz

Kristine Wells

Ronald Weltzin

Duane and Janice Wenndt

Lois Wergeland

Dianne Werger

Richard and Judy Wessels

Jim and Gail Wester

Duaine and Charlotte Westpfahl

Dale and Pat Westrum

Douglas H. Wetlaufer

Ronald H. Weuve

Mary Lou Wheeler

John White

Deborah Whitford

Ada Whitworth

Mark Wickham

Mark Widrlechner

Margaret Wiebke

Betty Wiedemeier

John and Denise Wieland

John and Shirley Wiemers

David and Sara Wiener

Leland Wiener

Mark and Sydney Wikner

Linda M. Wild

Drew Wiley

Joy and Kevin Wilhelm

Steve and Ellen Wilke

Gordon and Nori Wilken

Steven and Jamie Wilkens

Jean M. Williams

John and Rev. Ritva Williams

Joyce E. Williams

Laurin and Carol Williams

Pastor Nathan and Leanne Williams

Oliver Williams and Linda Cook

James and Gracia Willis

Kim Willis

Taylor Wilmoth

Beth Wilson

Brent Wilson

Carol Wilson

Jennifer Wilson

Nancy Wilson

Wendy Wintersteen

Betty Wohlers

Paul and Linda Wold

Darold and Diane Wolff

Thomas and Patricia Wollan

Jill Wollenzien

Lilly M. Womeldorf

Warren Woods

D. Kent and Linda Woodworth

Candice Worley

Sumner and Karen Worth

Rev. Sharon A. Worthington

John Wuertz

Nicholas and Chrystal Wuertz

Joan Wuest

Beth Wunder

Robert and Jolene Wyatt

Neill Yeager

Curt and Kathleen Yocom

Reginald and Roberta Yoder

Dr. James and Lauri Young

Kevin and Carol Young

Ronda Young

Tom and Barb Youngblut

Sylvia J. Yunker

Amos and Marilyn Zander

Rev. Edgar and Verona Zelle

John Zelle and Elizabeth Bingham

Dr. Warren and Barbara Zemke

Rev. Roland and Barbara Zimany

Ashley Zisko

April Ziskovsky

Dr. David and Karen Zwanziger

Mark and Jean Zylstra

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