Leaving a Legacy

A lot of people need help in the world, and LSI is trying to do that.”

Across the state, the work LSI does to lift up and empower Iowa children, adults, and families is only possible thanks to the generous support of LSI donors and community partners.

LeAllen Nevermann has made a life-changing impact for the Iowans we serve by donating to LSI for 33 years.

“It’s our Christian obligation to support organizations like LSI,” LeAllen says. “They’re important to society. A lot of people need help in the world, and LSI is trying to do that.”

He and his wife, Janelle, shared a passion for giving and caring for others. They were familiar with LSI’s Bremwood Residential Treatment Center campus in Waverly and the work it does to help Iowa children and teens heal and overcome trauma, abuse, and neglect. When they decided to give to LSI, they were especially drawn to empowering the youth living on Bremwood’s campus.

The Nevermanns attended events at Bremwood and were inspired by the testimony shared by children living there, often learning about their lives before Bremwood and how LSI was helping them to make positive changes for their futures. At one particular dinner, a young girl on campus shared a poem about her experience, and everyone in attendance was given a copy of the poem. Years later, LeAllen discovered that Janelle had kept her copy of that poem.

LeAllen and Janelle wanted to ensure their legacy of compassion and giving could live on, and they opted to include LSI in their estate planning through a charitable trust in the name of their son, Stuart. When Janelle passed away in August of 2020, after 61 years together with LeAllen, LSI was included in her estate. Thanks to the Nevermann family and their passion for helping others, Bremwood and LSI will continue to provide critical care, treatment, and guidance for Iowa youth well into the future.

There are many ways to make gifts to LSI through a will, living trust, or other estate planning vehicles. If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Sarah.Green@LSIowa.org.

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