Thriving with Therapy

Thriving with Therapy

Dana and Jack have lots to look forward to. They are planning their wedding, Jack is hard at work finishing his college degree, and they share a growing baby boy, Levi.

These major milestones have been years in the making for the couple. They have wanted to achieve these goals since the start of their relationship four years ago. But while they wanted to set their sights on the future, Dana and Jack struggled to cope with parts of their past. Addiction, anxiety, and stress made it hard to move forward, and they needed a hand to guide them through the difficult days.

As they reflect on their journey together, they both agree one thing has played a critical role in helping them succeed: therapy.

Especially after the last few years, Iowans are seeing an increased need for therapy and mental health services. Children, adults, couples, and families have experienced heightened anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns. Human services organizations across the state – including LSI – have stepped up to meet the mental health needs of Iowans like Dana and Jack, whether it’s through in-person therapy sessions or virtual meetings from the comfort of their home.

Dana first learned about LSI Therapy Services when she was coping through two difficult divorces. She and her partner had separated and at the same time, she was also grieving the end of her parents’ 30 years of marriage. She had previously found a bright spot through teaching elementary school students, but stress at work began adding more anxiety to her plate.

She began meeting with her LSI therapist, Andrea, in 2017 and hasn’t looked back. Over the years, Andrea became a shoulder to lean on, empowering Dana to advocate for herself at work and navigate life post-divorce. Andrea helped Dana feel more confident when she began dating Jack, and she was there to help Jack overcome his own obstacles.

Before meeting Dana, Jack had been in the Army, and he was struggling with PTSD after returning home. Those struggles turned into addiction and when he was ready to seek help, Dana knew just where to turn.

Jack began meeting with Andrea in late 2020, when LSI therapists across the state were providing virtual sessions to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. They began meeting weekly and Andrea was able to connect Jack to the resources he needed to break his addiction.

In times of crisis, LSI Therapy Services never faltered in supporting the Iowans we are privileged to serve. Support from Iowans like you ensured that Jack and Dana and so many others continued to have consistent guidance and encouragement from their LSI team. Virtual therapy made a life-changing impact for hundreds in our communities, and this service will continue into the future to ensure every Iowan has access to quality mental health care. With your partnership, LSI can now provide virtual or in-person therapy sessions to Iowans of all ages in every county across the state. Please consider making a gift today to maintain these critical services.

Now, Dana and Jack can’t imagine life without Andrea there to cheer them on. Jack has overcome his addiction, and he says he has been grateful to have Andrea as a kind, nonjudgmental coach to help him through the challenges.

“Talking to Andrea helped me break my addiction,” he says. “She helps me keep a clear head and weigh options on whatever I have going on in my life, not judging one way or the other.”

Meanwhile, Dana says couples’ therapy has brought the pair closer together, and she has felt her self-esteem improve over the years working with Andrea.

“I feel more empowered and in control of my life and decisions,” she says. “I don’t know what I would do without Andrea.”

Dana and Jack are just two of the Iowans impacted by LSI Therapy Services, and we know there are more out there looking for the same guidance as they navigate their mental health conditions. But we need your support to continue growing this service. By making a gift today, you can ensure LSI’s legacy of hope and healing continues well into the future.

P.S. LSI was able to provide 13,287 in-person or virtual therapy sessions for Iowans of all ages in 2021, because of support from partners like you. Thank you for responding to the love of Jesus Christ through compassionate service!

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