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Some voices never get heard unless someone speaks out on their behalf.

Advocating for dignity and social justice for all our neighbors is more important than ever. LSI is a safety net for Iowa’s most vulnerable people, but as legislators face tight budgets, there is a critical danger of cuts in funding for human services.

Why does that matter? When people who are hurting can’t get help to succeed, problems only grow bigger. Poverty deepens. Children fall farther behind. And your whole community suffers.

Children, the elderly, people with disabilities and families facing hunger and poverty don’t have high-paid lobbyists to deliver their message. They only have you.

You are the most powerful lobbyist for your community, and your voice is important. Elected officials want to hear from you because it helps them understand how public policy affects people in your local area.

Take action today! We’ll help you keep up with the issues, so it’s easy to stay informed.

Choose justice.

Sign up for our Advocacy in Action Network.

Raise your voice.

Call, write or email your legislator or use our latest action alert.

Educate yourself.

Use our information and resources to learn about the issues.

Stand up.

Attend Lutheran Day on the Hill

Partners in Advocacy and Public Policy

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