Staff Spotlight: Mallory Berkenpas

Mallory Berkenpas has been with LSI for nine years and is a Service Coordinator for LSI’s Early Childhood Services.

What inspired you to start working at LSI?
Before LSI, I thought I wanted to work with patients in a hospital setting or with the elderly population but in reality, I found that child welfare and working with families was really where my heart is. During my interview with LSI, everything just felt right.

What keeps you passionate about the work you do every day?
My purpose. My supervisor, who is very supportive and is a great leader who creates an environment that I want to be a part of. My staff, who are doing exceptional work. The individuals and families we serve, who are really at the core of my purpose – making sure they are healthy, growing, and reside in a positive and nurturing environment. It all motivates me to do my best.

Mallory’s myLSI myWHY: “To bring out the best in people. To listen to them, believe in them, respect them, and allow them to go out in the world to make a difference and feel good about their work.”

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