Foster Care and Adoption

If you have a loving home, you can foster. You know it will be hard when the kids go home. But the reward is being able to help their families.

Taking the First Step into Fostering

Jacob and Kaitlin both knew they wanted to become foster and adoptive parents before they even met. But after they got married, their lives became busy and the couple felt...

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Foster parenting opens the window for you to maintain that relationship and watch them grow.

Fostering Relationships

Iowa mom Tina has been a foster and adoptive parent since 2008 and in that time, her family has adopted two children and fostered 47. Over the years, Tina has...

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Answering the Call

When her husband, Ron, told her he wanted to become a foster parent, Danette was nervous. She was worried her biological children, Nicole and Nathaniel, would not get along with...

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Helping Kids Thrive

When Kari, a little girl they knew through church, was in need of a foster home, Stacie and Blake decided to step up. “We really had her best interest in...

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Building a Forever Home

Kassie and Tammy have always had a passion for seeing children succeed. At work, Kassie supports foster and adoptive parents, and Tammy assists children with special healthcare needs. The two...

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I was lucky I had all the support I needed. Make sure you are surrounding yourself with people who have fostered or adopted before.

A Life-Changing Phone Call

It was a few days before the presidential election in 2012, and Kelly was tired of all the political ads and unwanted campaign phone calls. The Saturday before she cast...

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You can be a role model when you don’t even realize it. You can change the cycle.

Changing the Cycle

Sandra and Jerry Dollen became foster parents 28 years ago, because they knew it was the right thing to do. A child they knew needed help and a temporary place...

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We realized there are some big needs out there. We knew our family could make a difference.

Helping Carry the Load

Renato and Nellie Jimenez hadn’t planned to fall in love with foster parenting. The couple knew they wanted to adopt, but when they learned about the desperate need for foster...

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You have to be a strong person to foster. But once you see one of the kids succeed, it’ll bring tears to your eyes, and it’s all worth it.

A Way to Give Back

A simple act of kindness decades ago has gone on to change lives for Iowa youth in foster care. David Steele remembers the police officer he met after he ran...

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We were a welcoming family, and we really didn’t want that journey to stop.

Creating a Forever Home

Many of Cheryl’s favorite memories involve raising her two children, watching them thrive, and counting the shoes in the doorway each night to see how many of her children’s friends...

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