Foster Care and Adoption

A Community Effort

Jackie wants to make a positive difference in the lives of Iowa kids. As a school counselor, she spends every day seeing how one positive relationship can make a big...

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Moving Forward Together

Over the last year, we have learned that we are stronger together. Our communities were resilient in the face of every hardship. And our human services workforce across the state...

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What an honor it is to hold the hand of a child, being an adult they can trust and lean on, knowing your kindness and grace and love in the short time you have them may change the trajectory of their lives.”

Helping Iowa Children Find Hope

Foster care is something Nikita had always been familiar with. Her dad was in foster care as a child, and she remembers how it affected him and his siblings growing...

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Fostering as a Family

Martha and Marti first became foster parents in September of 2018. They were inspired to start when their biological children became interested. “They really wanted to look into foster care...

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Foster families can make a difference."

A Message to Foster Families – from a Foster Mom

My husband, Gary, and I have been licensed foster parents since 1982. So many friendships and memories have been acquired during this time. I remember visiting with Gary’s aunt at...

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Giving Back to Their Community

Amber and Donald had always felt called to provide foster care. But any time they would consider taking the leap and starting the process, the thought of “what if?” would...

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You will find the perfect family that will give you all their love and care for you, no matter what."

“There is Hope”

As a young child growing up in multiple foster homes, Abby dreamed of a forever family – parents and siblings who would provide her with unwavering support and cheer her...

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Building a Forever Family

Foster care and adoption had always been part of Mindy and Aaron’s lives. Growing up, Mindy’s grandfather told her stories about the children who had stayed in his family home...

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Hope and Healing for Levi

Becki’s life was turned upside-down in 2001, when her husband passed away. She had always dreamed of raising a family but at age 27, her hopes were devastated by the...

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A Positive Connection Can Make a Difference

For years, Cheryl and Dave had wanted to foster or adopt. It was a big step they wanted to be prepared to make, and they were waiting for the right...

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