Statewide Services for Immigrants

Immigrant and Refugee Community Services

Across Iowa, LSI provides service to thousands of children, adults, and families. LSI supports immigrants in every one of our services, however, we offer several programs specifically designed to empower immigrant and migrant families.

Family Reunification Program

In partnership with Heartland Alliance, LSI social workers provide support and guidance for unaccompanied minors as they are reunited with family members in Iowa.


Immigrant and Refugee Community Services

In the Des Moines metro area, we provide education, family wellness, and financial development programs for former refugee and immigrant individuals and families.


Refugee Immigrant Guide

The RIG program supports refugee and immigrant families involved with the Iowa Department of Human Services (DHS) or Juvenile Court. As a community partnership of four organizations, including LSI, RIG bridges the gap between families and the courts.


Behavioral Health Intervention Services

LSI social workers provide compassionate support to children in need of behavioral health care and school assistance. Across the state, bilingual and bicultural team members provide service in a culturally appropriate way.


Storm Lake Migrant Program

Through our Behavioral Health Intervention Services, an LSI social worker helps children ages 3 to 5 prepare to enter school. We work with families who have migrated to the Storm Lake area in the last three years and are currently working in food industry or industrial-related jobs. We visit families in their homes to help children develop the skills they need to thrive, and provide parents with training and resources to support their families on an ongoing basis.


Early Childhood Services

LSI’s Early Childhood Services offer support and education to expecting parents and families of young children. In central Iowa, we have a long history of serving the Burmese refugee community, as well as Spanish-speaking immigrant and migrant communities. We utilize interpreters and Spanish-speaking LSI team members to provide families with flexible in-home parenting education and connect them to resources in their community.

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