Foster families can make a difference."

30 April 2021| Foster Care and Adoption
A Message to Foster Families – from a Foster Mom

My husband, Gary, and I have been licensed foster parents since 1982. So many friendships and memories have been acquired during this time. I remember visiting with Gary’s aunt at a family Thanksgiving in 1981. She was telling me about a sibling group of three, kids who were in a shelter because they couldn’t find...

30 April 2021| Foster Care and Adoption
Giving Back to Their Community

Amber and Donald had always felt called to provide foster care. But any time they would consider taking the leap and starting the process, the thought of “what if?” would leave them feeling stuck. “We had five biological children. What if foster parenting took time away from our older kids? We had all these questions,...

You will find the perfect family that will give you all their love and care for you, no matter what."

30 April 2021| Foster Care and Adoption
“There is Hope”

As a young child growing up in multiple foster homes, Abby dreamed of a forever family – parents and siblings who would provide her with unwavering support and cheer her on as she built the life she wanted to live. At the same time, Joe and Dee were saying goodbye to their two biological children...

15 March 2021| Foster Care and Adoption
Building a Forever Family

Foster care and adoption had always been part of Mindy and Aaron’s lives. Growing up, Mindy’s grandfather told her stories about the children who had stayed in his family home during the Great Depression, and he fondly remembered all the Christmas cards he received from those kids later in life. Meanwhile, Aaron was adopted as...

17 February 2021| Spirit of LSI
Welcome Rev. Kyle Barton!

LSI is thrilled to welcome Rev. Kyle Barton as our new Spiritual Life Leader. Pastor Kyle’s role will primarily focus on providing faith-based programming on LSI’s two residential treatment campuses, Bremwood in Waverly and Beloit in Ames. He will oversee the Spiritual Life program, which offers voluntary activities, such as music and art, for children...

17 February 2021| Foster Care and Adoption, Spirit of LSI
Hope and Healing for Levi

Becki’s life was turned upside-down in 2001, when her husband passed away. She had always dreamed of raising a family but at age 27, her hopes were devastated by the tragedy. As the years went by, she began considering foster care or adoption – providing a home for Iowa children who needed her most. She...

15 January 2021| Refugee and Immigrant Services
Helping Sama Care for Her Community

Sama has always had a love of caring for children, and she was committed to building a career as a child care provider. 

Despite all obstacles, spanning more than a decade and three different countries, Sama can now proudly say she has achieved her goal. Sama grew up in Eritrea and lived there until she...

15 January 2021| Refugee and Immigrant Services
Finding Paradise

Perseverance is a familiar quality to Mon, who after spending decades living as a refugee from an early age was finally able to place roots in Iowa and succeed in building a life for his family. Born in Bhutan in 1980, Mon and his family fled his home country amid the outbreak of civil war,...

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